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The world has always been filled with certain unknowns and conspiracies that keep people debating between whether or not these unknowns are fact or fiction. History has proved that there are several occurrences that have sprouted questions within the mind. Did we really land on the moon in 1969? Did an alien spacecraft crash in New Mexico? What is going on at Area 51? There is one conspiracy that continually demands answers, especially amongst teenagers. It revolves around a man that affects most teenagers directly because of his influence through his music.

The controversy in question is whether or not Tupac Amaru Shakur truly died from a shooting. Tupac Amaru Shakur was one of the most famous rap legends. He fell in love with rap when he was fifteen years old. His first CD was made in November of 1991, and he continued making them until he was tragically shot and “killed” on September 13, 1996. He was leaving a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas, and when he was stopped at a light, a man in a white Cadillac pulled up and shot him. Tupac was badly wounded in numerous places, and the ambulance soon rushed him to the hospital.

He was pronounced “dead” a few hours later. In what seems like a clear murder case, there are aspects that do not realistically correlate. First is the issue of Suge Knigh who is the executive producer of Death Row Records, the label that Tupac resided under. Suge was driving the car that Tupac was shot in. Being this close to scene, it is reasonable to think that he saw the incident. His observations would be more useful and valid than any other person. However, Suge was not testified in his murder trial, a witness that would seemingly be most important.

There was an interview with Suge on ABC and he was asked, “If you knew who killed Tupac, would you tell the police? ” Suge answered “Absolutely not. ” Such an answer leaves us to question why Suge would not tell the truth. It would seem likely that Suge would want justice to a murder who killed his friend. It is also important to note that Tupac always wore a bulletproof vest because being shot previously forced him to be more careful. At the Tyson fight, Suge supposedly told Tupac that he would be safe to take his vest off. Ironically, he was shot hours later. The vest could have saved his life.

Did Suge know there would be a shooting? There were twelve shots fired at the car. Why wasn’t Suge hit once? He is six feet three inches and 335 pounds and Tupac was five feet nine inches and closer to 150 pounds, how come he was only “Grazed” by one bullet? Could Suge have been apart of it? Could he have set Tupac up? Suge is the executive producer of Death Row Records. With Tupac dead, the profits go to him. Is that reason enough for Suge to have Tupac shot? The suspicions behind Suge’s involvement are not the only things that seem bizarre. The entire situation during the night of Tupac’s shooting seemed odd.

There were a couple cars filled with Tupac’s entourage directly behind the car that Tupac was riding in. The entourage was a group of Tupac’s friends. One would assume that they were friends that would be willing to protect Tupac, especially, Tupac’s bodyguard. So when the shooter in the white Cadillac finished shooting at Tupac, it is particularly speculative that no one sought to figure out who the murderer was shortly after the incident. The murder took place in Las Vegas, which is adjacent to a huge desert. Why was it so easy for the assailants to get away? There was only one witness to the shooting.

His name was Yafeu Fula and he was found shot to death on November 10th in a hallway of an apartment building in East Orange, NJ. First, it is not likely that there would only be one witness to a drive by shooting in one of the busiest cities in the world, especially after a Mike Tyson fight that tens of thousands of people attended. One would think that there would be a good chance of there being more people around when the shooting took place. Secondly, it is peculiar that the one person that witnessed the whole scandal was shot to death less than two months later. Another question relates to the monetary benefits from the murder.

There is a $72 million life insurance policy that has not been cashed. It has been seven years since his death and someone still has not collected this money. This could possibly be because he is still alive and it is illegal to collect life insurance if the person is still alive. 72 million dollars is a large sum of money to just be forgotten about, and seems very doubtful in this case. It is also a question of whether Tupac faked his own death. There are many reasons behind this belief. Tupac even claimed in interviews that he wanted to stop rapping and get out of the limelight.

The day after Tupac died, he was allegedly cremated. It is illegal to cremate someone who has been murdered before there is an autopsy. The claim is that he was cremated in order to destroy the evidence found in his body. Was he “Cremated” so that people would not be able to find his body, meaning that he could still be alive somewhere? While Tupac was in jail he read many books written by political philospher Niccoli Machiavelli. In Machiavelli’s book (Discourses Upon the First Ten Books of Titus Livy), in Book 2 Chapter XIII he writes, ” a prince who wishes to achieve great things must learn to deceive.

This idea of deception intrigued Tupac. Once he was released from jail, he wanted to be referred to as makaveli (His own spelling of Machiavelli). In the “Hail Mary” video that was released under the name Makaveli, there is a gravestone that says “Makaveli” on it. The catch is that the gravestone is cracked and there is a large hole in front of the gravestone, which infers that Makaveli rose from the dead. There is also a line of lyrics in “White Mans World” that reads, ” We aint never gonna walk off this planet unless ya’ll chose to. ” Was faking his death his way of walking off this planet?

After all Niccoli Machiavelli did fake his death. Did Tupac like this idea so much that he faked his death too? Also, inside the cover of the “The Don Killuminati: the 7 day theory” it reads “Exit: 2pac, Enter: Makaveli” as if Tupac had died and Makaveli born. In addition, the CD cover is a picture of Tupac looking like Jesus on the cross. Will there be a resurrection like there was with jesus? There are many mentions of a resurrection like in the last song on Disk 2 of his latest album ” Better Dayz” he says “Expect me like you expect Jesus to come back.

Expect meI’m coming”. These are all clues that offer the possibility to the death of Tupac and the rise of Makaveli. The clue that seems stranger than the rest is that when the letters are rearranged in Tupac’s version of “Makaveli” you can spell “mak alive”. (The Killing of Tupac Shakur Author: Cathy Scott) Is there a reason behind this coincidence? Is this why Tupac changed the spelling? Although these facts prove nothing about the existence of Tupac, they do raise suspicion to the questions, is Tupac dead and Makaveli alive and if so will there be a resurrection?

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