Plato’s Apology Analysis

Plato’s Apology of Socrates is one of the most famous and influential works of philosophy. In this work, Socrates defends himself against charges of impiety and corruption of the young. Socrates’ defense is twofold: first, he argues that he is not guilty of impiety because he has always acted in accordance with the will of … Read more

Socrates Execution In The Story Of Crito Essay

In the story of Crito, Socrates is in prison and awaiting his execution that he was found guilty by corrupting the youth and also supporting other gods that the city of Athens did not. Throughout his trial, Socrates argued each of the things he was charged for and made it very clear that it was … Read more

Essay about Identity In Euripides Bacchae

How, if at all, does Euripides’ Bacchae confirm and/or challenge the identity of the Athenian male citizen? Euripides was not averse to challenging the Athenian population to re-evaluate themselves on any number of levels. The Bacchae of course is no exception as Euripides toys with gender and citizen identity. This identity of the citizen is … Read more

Plato’s Apology Analysis Essay

Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician, and pupil of the philosopher Socrates, relays his interpretation of Socrates’ defence against the Athenian council in, An Excerpt from Plato’s Apology. In the writings, (which may be biased being as Plato was an admirer of Socrates), Socrates attempts to dispel the charges laid against him. Throughout the excerpt, … Read more

Socrates Influence On The Youth Essay

In the passage The Apology, Socrates was brought to trial on the charges of believing in false gods and corrupting the youth of Athens. Socrates responds to the charges brought against him by beginning to cross examine Meletus. He wants Meletus to explain exactly what a good influence is and how is Socrates a bad … Read more

The Apology by Socrates

The Apology, written by Socrates student Plato, is a narrative of Socrates addressing the Athenss Court of Justice for which he states he is on trial for being an evil doer, and a curious person, who searches into things under the earth and in heaven, and he makes the worse appear the better cause; and … Read more

Socrates: Nature-Nurture

Many things affect people and how they behave based on genetics and what type of environment they are raised in. Part of a person or animals behavior stems from behaviors which are innate or what they are exposed to in life. Socrates is a dog who has a unique mutation where he also possesses human … Read more

Oedipus and Socrates

In Platos Five Dialogues and Sophocles Oedipus Rex, mans actions for the greater good of the city-state can lead to horrible consequences for the individual. Both Socrates and Oedipus carry out what they believe to be their duty for their city. Socrates believes that his actions are just and proper, but when viewed by the … Read more

Justice In Book I Of The Republic

The Republic of Plato begins in a similar fashion that many other Platonic dialogues begin, with that of a question. The conversation between Socrates and the aged Cephalus becomes a philosophical discussion of what advantages money has brought to Cephalus’ life. Cephalus replies that money has allowed him “to tell the truth and pay one’s … Read more

Socratic Worldview

Of the philosophers I have studied, Socrates stands out to me from all the rest. Although I would be the first to confess that I have never put forth the time nor the effort necessary to consider myself a philosopher (at least not in the sense that I imagine most would consider to be the … Read more