Studying Groupthink

There are many things that groups of people are capable of that might be surprising to someone who has not studied the theory. As there have been more tests throughout the theories history, scientist have found fascinating results. The first interesting discovery made while studying groupthink is, “Group deliberation often produces worse decisions than can … Read more

Essay about Three Branches Of Government

Three Branches of Government There are three branches in the United States government; legislative, executive, and judicial branch. Each branch has a few duties they are responsible for. The three branches work independently and together depending on what is going on. All branches are very important to the people of the United States but a … Read more

Entitavity In Social Work Research Paper

A group that I belonged to in terms of entitavity would be a group of individuals that I worked with at a Dentist office. The dentist office consisted of clericals, receptionists, billing clerks, dentists, hygienists, office manager, and orthodontists. (Entitavity) is a group of individuals that are perceived as a social group based on the … Read more

Leon Festinger: Cognitive Dissonance And Social Comparison Theory Essay

Lives in Social Psychology: Leon Festinger Leon Festinger was an extremely influential social psychologist, known for his studies about cognitive dissonance and social comparison theory. Festinger was born May 8th, 1919 in Brooklyn, New York, to parents Sara and Alex Festinger. His father was an embroidery manufacturer. Festinger attended Boys High School, a public school … Read more

Maggie Nelson’s Spectatorship Theory Essay

The term spectatorship traditionally refers to the act of watching something without taking part. “Image flow” represents this idea of spectatorship where individuals mindlessly scroll through images and videos to fill the gaps in their day (Nelson 304). Maggie Nelson, author of “Great to Watch” presents the term “image flow” as the act of scrolling … Read more