Education In 1984

Thinking makes us human and enables us to progress, construct, and become civilized. Without the ability to think, advancement and cultivation of new ideas would have never occurred. The progression of society is only made possible with the development of new, cutting-edge, abstract ideas. However, in 1984 by George Orwell, the Party’s main goal is … Read more

Summary Of Alice E. Marwick’s Online Identity

The chapter “Online Identity” by Alice E. Marwick seeks to explain and provides a thorough understanding on the topic of identity, especially in the spectra of online identity and how can identity be constructed online via new media platforms. Marwick started the chapter with the definition of identity; in general and also includes definitions from … Read more

Social Medias Influence On Dance Essay

Social media has created a new-generation of never before seen expression. The world of dance has been known for its generations of professionalism and strict adherence to tradition. Dancers have recently stepped into the world of social media. Social Media has greatly changed the dance world, and raised the standards for future dancers. Dancers often … Read more