Personal Narrative: The Shadow Children

Most people can remember their parents reading them bedtime stories as a kid, but I can’t recall if my parents did. That could be a reason as to why I was never crazy about books, and surely never wanted to read one. I eventually gave into reading and found that I loved it. My favorite … Read more

Extraterrestrials In Science Fiction Essay

Extraterrestrials depicted in Science-Fiction The human race has come a long way since the beginning of its existence. Throughout that time, shared interpretations and concepts have changed profusely. The genre of science-fiction has been popular in both literature and films for centuries. Science-fiction displays aliens in many contrasting styles, but the very idea and wonder … Read more

Space Western Analysis Essay

Jackson Oakey Blevins Science Fiction 10 April 2017 Understanding Space Westrens Different types of science fiction subgenres have sprung up and dwindled down throughout recent times. One specific example of this is Space Westerns. space Westerns use the themes and tropes of Westerns within science fiction stories while taking place in space. These influences can … Read more