King Odysseus: A True Hero Essay

To consider someone a hero, he must boast certain characteristics that are harder to detect in an average person, such as being humble, merciful, loyal, and a great leader. King Odysseus of Ithaca survived the Trojan War. While most of his other men returned to their native lands immediately following the war, it took Odysseus … Read more

Examples Of Virtues In The Odyssey Essay

Virtue is having high moral integrity. One who is virtuous will do what must be done, not for the benefit of themselves, but for others. According to Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher, a virtuous man must embody the four cardinal virtues: prudence, doing the right thing, justice, giving people what they deserve, courage, being brave … Read more

Pride In The Odyssey Essay

In The Odyssey, Homer’s exciting and exhilarating tale of the great Odysseus, the mighty hero, brave and strong, slays and conquers many terrors and great evil. The greatest evil however, is his hamartia, hubris against the gods, his arrogance. Odysseus’ pride is the worst villain of all, keeping Odysseus away from his goal. Does his … Read more

Theme Of Hubris In Odysseus Essay

As one can surmise from the tumultuous situations he is forced into over the following years at sea, Odysseus endured great hardships all due to his hubris. His crew was decimated and he was forced to live without his wife, Penelope, and son, Telemachus, for far longer than he ever expected. However, like Gilgamesh, Odysseus … Read more

Odysseus is an epic hero

In mythology there are numerous epic hero’s including Perseus, Odysseus, and Theseus. Some of the qualities of epic hero’s are: values honor and glory, usually has a guide, sometimes makes rash decisions and takes unnecessary risks and more. Odysseus has all these Epic hero qualities. In the Myth the Odyssey, Odysseus is the epic hero … Read more