Summary: Field Experience

I initially worked for Azzouggagh & Balatidis Legal Services for my field placement, located at 310 Vaughan Valley Blvd. unit B, Vaughan Ontario L4H 3C3. The business was a corporation operated by two licensed paralegals, Issam Azzouggagh and Panagiotis Balatidis. The firm had been operating for two years. However, when I arrived, the corporation and … Read more

Compare And Contrast Two Court Cases

I had the opportunity to visit a district court felony trial and a justice court misdemeanor DUI. These two courts were very different from start to finish from the atmosphere, length of the case, and how the lawyers acted. Stepping into each of these courtrooms was like stepping into two different worlds. While the proceedings … Read more

Moot Court Case Analysis

21. I require you to provide me with all options and associated risks so I can make a fully informed, intelligent decision. I require you to provide these things in an adequate amount of time. 22. I require you to return each of my phone calls and emails within 24 hours. 23. I require you … Read more

Medical Issues In The Verdict Essay

A young woman by the name of Karen Ann Quinlan experienced a variety of medical issues after entering into a ten-year coma from consuming a mixture of alcohol and tranquilizers. Quinlan’s parents filed a lawsuit regarding the definition of life and the right for an individual to die in 1976 (“FOCUS OF ’76 RIGHT TO … Read more