Buysse And Partners Case Study Essay

13 GROWER 1.Where in your career have you been truly tested in terms of implementing a finance strategy or business plan (particularly within a high growth or business transformation scenario)? Please describe your role in building the finance capability to support that growth or change. What were the obstacles you faced during the implementation phase … Read more

African American Entrepreneurship

In a comparative light there seems to be significant problems, or obstacles, for African-American entrepreneurs. These problems are categorized by environmental factors, opportunity factors, and issues related to capital. The purpose of this paper is to provide sociological, and economical insight to the plight of African-American entrepreneurs. There is an effort to trace the development … Read more

The term Entrepreneurship and the challenges of starting a small business

Entrepreneurship is the dream of a lifetime for most individuals. The idea of being in control on one’s financial future by establishing, owning, and operating their own business has driven most individuals in the direction of Sole Proprietorships. Most plunge in looking at the advantage and over looking the disadvantage and challenges of Sole Proprietorships. … Read more