Texting And Driving vs Drinking And Driving Essay

Drinking and driving is a dangerous combination. Drinking impairs your ability to drive, and driving under the influence increases the risk of accidents. Texting while driving is also a dangerous activity that can lead to accidents. When you combine all three of these activities, the risk of an accident skyrockets. If you’re going to drink, … Read more

Breaking The Drinking Age Essay

Every weekend there are young adults ages eighteen to twenty engaging in underage drinking at parties. Alcohol plays a huge role in today’s’ society. More people drink today than ever before. It is clear that alcohol has had a good impact on people’s lives, but it is more clear that it has had an negative … Read more

Drinking Again: A Short Story Essay

‘Let – go – that drinking again! Come on – give me the bottle. I told you l’d stay awake givin’ it to you. Come on. If you do like that a-way – then what are you going to be like when you go home. Come on – Oh-h-h! Please, now, will you? Don’t start … Read more