Flint Water Crisis Analysis

On January 16, 2016, President Barack Obama declared the city of Flint, Michigan to be in a state of emergency due to the widespread lead poisoning of the city’s residents that later became known as the Flint Water Crisis (Southall 2016). The crisis began in April of 2014, when the officials of Flint decided that, … Read more

Bottled Water Case Study Research Paper

The Case Against Bottled Water TheStar. com – August 11, 2008 By Sean Petty & Justin Trudeau Essay Exercise: After reading this newspaper opinion piece, think about how the authors could revise this into an academic essay. What would they have to change in terms of content, format, and style? Consider whether there are any … Read more

Essay on The Ghost Map Analysis

Summary The Ghost Map was a historical piece of literature that was used to explain the V. cholera epidemic in London. The book, written by Steven Johnson, tells about how the water and the lack of proper sewage systems lead to a disease that killed many citizens and lead to panic for Londoners. Dr. John … Read more