Hell In Dantes Inferno Essay

Dante Alighieri’s, The Inferno, is autobiographical account of his journey through hell. This story is the first part of a larger account known as The Divine Comedy. Dante wrote this passage during the Late Middle Ages, a time in Europe where the Christian faith was a central influence in life. His story describes what life … Read more

Divine Comedy – Indignation and Sin in Dantes Inferno

Dante’s and Virgil’s scorn seems at first glance to echo the sin of intemperate anger which infects the foul waters of the Stygian marsh. Filippo Argenti, the weeping sinner who emerges from the mire, is eternally punished for his anger. However, the pilgrim’s denunciation of Filippo is not only permitted, but lauded by Virgil with … Read more

Dante’s Divine Comedy

In Dante’s Divine Comedy, Dante incorporates Virgil’s portrayal of Hades from The Aeneid into his poem, and similarities between the Inferno and Hades can be drawn, however Dante wasn’t attempting to duplicate Virgil’s works. Although the Hell depicted in Dante’s Inferno is essentially based on the literary construction of the underworld found in Virgil’s Aeneid, … Read more