Johnny B Goode Essay

Pitch, Scales, Melody and Texture This paper is meant to analyze the pitch, scales, melody and the texture of Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry. Context Johnny was recorded in the year 1958 by Chuck Berry. The genre of this song is Rock’n’Roll; thus, our expectation is to see various features such as the repetition, … Read more

Pink Floyd Counterculture

At the dawn of the 1960s, Britain was still recovering from the wounds inflicted by the Second World War. After a time of political instability, a revolution was sweeping the nation. The counterculture movement was beginning to take root all across the world; correspondingly, much of the movement was greatly influenced by musical artists originating … Read more

The Negative Effects Of Music On The Brain Essay

Music has accompanied the human existence since the beginning of time, it has been used to shape culture and society, to give us entertainment and to even give emotion such as fear and excitement, it is an essential part of human life. People may not realize it but music is used in everyday life, everything … Read more

Essay on Jazz Concert Reflection

Upon first glance at the Guzman hall I was filled with anxiety as well as excitement as to what was to come. Prior to this semester I had not listened to any jazz music and I was unaware of any artists or songs. Therefore going to a jazz concert was a rare experience that I … Read more

My Shara Song Analysis Essay

In 1979, The Knack performed one of their hit singles “My Sharona” in front of a packed house. This song represented the alternative/pop rock genre, and was considered a major hit in the late 1970s. As a child, I remember hearing the song on the radio and I enjoyed the catchy and memorable tune. Although … Read more