Gayle Rubins Essay: The Traffic In Women

Since the inception of anthropology in the second half of the 19th century, kinship has been its buzzword. Scholars have studied kinship systems of distant cultures and proposed many definitions of it, yet, up to now there is no satisfactory definition that everyone would agree on. Moreover, being focused on studying and analyzing “others”, anthropologists … Read more

Medical Anthropology Research Paper

Politics, on a local, national and global level, play an intricate role in the health of all individuals. As Smith-Nonini said, “a medical anthropology approach to analysis helps bring the critical role of political and economic factors, as well as the medical and public health cultures that shape programs, into view” (Smith-Nonini 2009:613). The political … Read more

Research Paper On Forensic Anthropology

What do you want to be when you grow up? That is a question every single student has ever heard. Our hands clench, and our heads start to hurt. The amount of stress in choosing a career and what college our hearts desire is not at a reasonable value. Although it has its negatives, choosing … Read more

Selection One on Franz Boas

In the time before the late, great Franz Boas, evolutionary theorists and diffusionists dominated the field of anthropological thought. It wasn’t until Boas published his first works that the focus of his discipline began to turn and follow a different direction. Boas was a firm believer that the study of anthropology should be more concerned … Read more

History Of Anthropology

In the history of anthropology I have learned many new theories I have never known before, there are a great many objectives and thoughts that I had never even knew existed before. Learning about the history of anthropology has opened my mind of thinking in all these different schools of thoughts. One thing that has … Read more