Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks the importance of them becoming invoved in the movement Hypothesis: * was an African-American civil rights activist, whom the U. S. Congress called “the first lady of civil rights”, and “the mother of the freedom movement” * Parks’ act of defiance became an important symbol of the modern Civil Rights Movement and Parks … Read more

Rosa Parks Diary

Dear diary Today is a very special day. I did something brave. Something I never thought, I’d have the courage to do. I know that after this, my life will never be the same, but I’m sure, it’s the right thing to do. ‘ was on my way home after yet another long day of … Read more

Critical thinking Rosa Parks

Throughout her early life she encountered segregation on a daily basis. From kindergarten through eleventh grade she attended segregated only schools often having to be educated in a one room shack that was not suitable for educational purposes (Bio). At 1 9 she met and married Raymond Parks who was an active member in the … Read more