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The events of that small-town summer forever alter David Hayden’s view of his family: his self-effacing father, a sheriff who never wears his badge; his clear sighted mother; his uncle, a charming war hero and respected doctor; and the Hayden’s lively, statuesque Sioux housekeeper, Marie Little Soldier, whose revelations are at the heart of the story. It is a tale of love…

Original Title


Larry Watson

Montana 1948
(ISBN13: 9780671507039)

Edition Language



    • Montana

(United States)


Montana 1948 essay examples For Free

Internal conflict is used to explore the idea of how humans prioritize their Justice in following their morals to their loyalty using contrast. An example of this is in Montana 1948 by Larry Watson. The novel shows a young boy David, who experiences a series of events and watches his father West’ internal conflict of […]

Part One * The book opens with David Hayden talking about his father serving his second term in 1948 in Mercer Country, Montana. It talks about the type of country Montana is. * David’s father doesn’t fit the ideal of what he should be in his occupation, and his wife didn’t think so either. She […]

How to be able to live in a comfortable community. He didn’t feel at ease in school, stores and cafes. He would be unsure of how to act in these circumstances (page 22, line 19-28). David liked the freedom he got in that small Montana town (page 24, line 1-8) Back to the father. Davit’s […]

Maturity may come at any age any time in a person’s life. One moment he or she may be a carefree child, and then suddenly realize that they have been transformed into a mature adult by a powerful and traumatic experience, which they will remember their whole lives. After that, they were never same again. […]

Larry Watson’s novel, ‘Montana 1948’, shows a young boy aged at just 12, David Hayden, having to face a new journey and shocking incidences that will take him from innocence to adolescence in the year of 1948. At the beginning of the novel David’s life was a stable and happy life and he still carried […]

In Larry Watson’s novel, Montana 1948, irony is used to illustrate the human flaws of the antagonist Frank Hayden. Irony is defined as the use of words to express the opposite of what one really wants. In the beginning of the novel, Frank is conveyed as the handsome, charming, war hero but as the story […]

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