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“Erdrich is a true original… [and] one of our major writers: She illuminates large swaths of U.S. history and culture, and [The Red Covertible] is a good demonstration of her compelling stylistic innovations, not to mention her literary cunning.” —Washington Post Book WorldFrom New York Times bestselling author Louise Erdrich, fresh off her acclaimed Pulitzer-Prize finalis…

Original Title


Louise Erdrich

The Red Convertible: Selected and New Stories, 1978-2008

(ISBN13: 9780061536076)

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The Red Convertible essay examples For Free

The Red Convertible In her short story “The Red Convertible”, Louise Erdrich focuses on the relationship between two Indian brothers and how this relationship had bee devastated by the Vietnam War. The author embodies the red Olds, which strengthens their relationship. Throughout the story, Erdrich uses characterization and imagery to reveal this theme effectively. The […]

Understanding the Meaning of the Red Convertible Although the Vietnam War concluded with the return to most American troops, tort those who served, the memories of the events that transgressed during those years did not stay In the combat grounds of Vietnam. The psychological scars left In the minds and hearts of American soldiers was […]

Symbolism of the Color Red in the Red Convertible The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich is more than an emotional story about the lives of two brothers who grew up together on an Indian reservation. She uses a writing style that allows the reader to understand the text, while providing the opportunity to read into […]

To many, a war is just a war, young men taxation the military, fight and die for their country. They view soldiers as cold blooded emotionless killers that are stripped of their feelings and opinions of what’s right or wrong. They view them as objects detached from society to carry out the orders of their […]

After he and his brother purchase the convertible, he describes a great big willow tree. In Indian society, willow trees signify wisdom so I gather that perhaps it sticks out In his memory because in the great wide open of God’s creation, perhaps he and his brother gleaned some great wisdom about life In general […]

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