Lost In Translation – Spatial Analysis

Director: Sofia Copula. Summary The film takes place in Tokyo where two characters find themselves feeling alone and lost In the foreign landscape. Bob, a famous American actor, and Charlotte, who Is married to constantly working photographer, are drawn to each other. They grow sympathetic towards one another and together they navigate the spaces (clubs, … Read more

Navigating the Global- Lost in Translation

The 21st century term, globalization, conceptualizes the contemporary breakdown of traditional barriers and structures between cultural paradigms, culminating in an increasingly interconnected and complex global environment. Manfred Stager, REMIT Professor of Global Studies, describes this trend as the “increasing desalination of conventional parameters within which individuals imagine their communal existence”. Focusing on the redefinition of … Read more

Lost in Translation

What is lost in translation from one language to another? “Most linguists would say that there is no such thing as a perfect translation and that something is always lost when we move from one language to another. ” Sometimes when translating, there might be the difficulty, of finding a word that expresses or means … Read more

Alienation in Lost in Translation

However, Copula suggests this inability to communicate is extrapolated by a paradigm of urgency, specifically instant ratification, as symbolized through the setting of Tokyo as a world of consumerism. This is conveyed in the opening scene when the low angle shots of neon advertisements and towering skyscrapers is coupled with the chaotic motion of the … Read more