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Topanga Canyon is home to two couples on a collision course. Los Angeles liberals Delaney and Kyra Mossbacher lead an ordered sushi-and-recycling existence in a newly gated hilltop community: he a sensitive nature writer, she an obsessive realtor. Mexican illegals Candido and America Rincon desperately cling to their vision of the American Dream as they fight off starvatio…

Original Title


T. Coraghessan Boyle

The Tortilla Curtain
(ISBN13: 9780140238280)

Edition Language



  • Delany Mossbacher
  • Candido Rincon
  • America Rincon


  • California

(United States)


  • Los Angeles, California

(United States)


The Tortilla Curtain essay examples For Free

She is also seed as describing the stereotypical American workaholic attitude, ignoring her family, and she is always in a rush to get to her job. The fact that Sara’s sexual desire is triggered by disasters is the idea that people like her and Delaney are both afraid of and drawn to unpredictability. In chapter […]

They came to the United States in hope of fulfilling their dreams. When they got here they thought they would be able to make a life for themselves and be able to live happily. Their views on that really changed when they had no place to live and hardly any food to eat. Being illegal […]

In The Tortilla Curtain T. Coraghessan Boyle tackles an issue which haunts much of the Western world: illegal immigration. Alternating between two couples, one white American, the other Mexican, the novel explores both sides of this difficult question, confronting racism, fear and the moral dilemma of the liberal conscience. Delaney Mossbacher lives on the Arroyo […]

THEMES Homeless is always around us; it can be the need of a place where to live or what makes a home. (Sometimes we are homeless like in the story; Candida and America are homeless because they don’t have place where to live and Delaney and Kara have a house where to live but they […]

While driving his custom, foreign car to the recycling center, Delaney hits Candida who is crossing he street when returning from the market. Initially, Delaney is concerned about his car and then insurance rates and then lastly, for the man who was struck by his car. Candida, who is severely injured from the accident, but […]

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