The wave

The central protagonist of the novel, a sixteen-year-old girl who has survived the alien apocalypse and is on a mission to rescue her five- year-old brother, Sammy. In the early pages of the novel, Cassia tells us that she has changed from the way she used to be?that she has become a killer. Given the … Read more

Swing Kids vs The Wave

Yet in “The Wave”, takes place in the 1960 s in the United States of America. The teacher of a history class, Mr.. Ross conducts an expert meet to demonstrate to his students how the Germans stood by when the Nazis took over. It begins as a small group of teenagers that then turns into … Read more

Middlemarch / the Waves

He accepts money from Bolstered and is accused of being an accomplice. * Throated and Will get married Characters: Throated Brooke: She represents the release hero, who’s able to stand up for what she desires and to contradict what is meant to be in order to satisfy what she desires. She’s a devotional, intelligent, and … Read more