Jaws Tension

Jaws is set on the once calm shores of Amity Island. It was a tourist destination with tourists flocking there every year for the beaches, but disaster stuck when a shark decides to use its calm water as a feeding ground. Stephen Spielberg’s movie Jaws was an R rated tension building movie, which shocked and … Read more

In the mouth of Jaws: analysis of the movie

In the summer of 1975, everyone was afraid of the water, afraid they might get eaten by a 20 foot shark, they were afraid because of Jaws. Jaws the movie directed by Steven Spielberg, his big hit, the movie that made him famous, and everyone terrified of sharks. The reason being the way he filmed … Read more

How Does the Director Stephen Spielberg Use Filmic Techniques to Build Suspense and Tension in the Opening Sequence of the Film ‘Jaws’?

How does the director Stephen Spielberg use filmic techniques to build suspense and tension in the opening sequence of the film ‘Jaws’? The 1975 summer blockbuster ‘Jaws’ based on the best selling novel by Peter Benchley The film opens with a chilling black screen and the non-digetic sound of little bubbles popping in the distance. … Read more


jaws BY th0223 All that Jaws Throughout the history of modern cinema, we as a people have seen various films that have caused fear, hope, laughter, love, and various other emotions. The movie Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, was a very well-written film, but the insignificant parts made me lose focus on whatAdvanced Search Documents … Read more

Jaws: Shark and Water

Jaws (1975) Media Coursework Peter Benchley wrote “Jaws” the novel before it was made into a film directed by Steven Spielberg. “Jaws” is a thriller/horror with the main aim being to build up suspense and tension. When making the film Jaws Steven Spielberg had to face the challenging task of translating Benchley’s popular novel into … Read more