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The Prince and the Pauper

On an autumn day in the ancient city of London, in the second quarter of sixteenth century, a boy was born to a poor family of the name Canty. On the same day another English baby was born of a rich family of the name of Tudor. There was talk in England about the new baby, Edward Tudor, Prince of Wales, who lapped in silk and satin. While on the other hand Tom Canty, who lapped in his poor rags, was seen as trouble. For fifteen years, Tom Canty lived in place where it is narrow and dirty, which is not far from London Bridge.

He lived with his two sisters, Bet and Nan, with his father and grandmother and his mother who is a beggar. They get their income by begging and stealing things that can be reused. Tom spends his time listening to father Andrew’s old tales, legends and stories about gorgeous kings and prince. Because of this, he dreamt of seeing a real prince and sometimes he would even dream of becoming a prince himself. So one day his dreams carry him to the castle. In the castle the prince was playing. When he saw Tom, he commanded the guard to let him in and so the guard opens the gate and Tom entered with amazement.

The prince entertained Tom and asked questions about him. Tom answered his questions and even said stories about the place he lived in. They became at ease to each other that they decided to exchange their garments. Then they stood before the mirror and they were so alike that it seems that there was no change at all. Then the prince called the guard because he noticed the soldier had hurt Tom’s finger. But then, when the guard arrived he thought that the pauper was hurting the prince so the prince was dragged out of the palace. The pauper was shocked and so helpless.

But before it happened the prince kept the seal on his desired placed. Now the poor little prince walked away from his palace and search for the home where Tom had described to him. He walked and walked and sought for people’s help, but no one believed him except for Miles Hendon. On the other hand, Tom told stories to the members of the palace about what had happened and he told them that he was just a pauper but they didn’t believe him. Both experienced a different way of life, Edward the prince experienced unpleasant adventures.

He experienced sleeping without food in his stomach and no comfortable bedding to sleep on. While Tom, the Pauper, was experiencing all his dreams. He received beautiful treatments and was even given instructions about the palace and had experienced being a part of a royal dinner. Both of them didn’t know what to do and people thought that they were just ill. In the palace the king questioned the Seal. The seal is an important thing which a kingdom should have because it is the basis of whether you are the real king or not, but then the king remembered that he gave it to his son.

Because of this they questioned Tom. He didn’t know about the seal and so he received brutal treatment from his father. After several days the prince heard that his father was already dead and he didn’t know how he could get into the palace. Meanwhile, in the palace everyone grieved to the loss of their King but of course rejoiced for the reign of the new king. Tom became the king for they know that Tom is the real prince. They held the first state dinner where Tom didn’t know how to act. On the other hand the real prince is trying to think of a way enter the palace.

During this time, he met people who are suffering from injustice. He met a peasant who helped him and a hermit who imprisoned him to a dark part of his house. Because of this Miles Hendon rescued him to escape from the harsh treatment of that hermit, but they were convicted of stealing a penny and were imprisoned. They were able to escape and the search for a solution went on. The prince who is now a king was obligated to right in a paper with tongues of Greek, Latin and English which he will give to his Uncle Lord Hertford. Edward went to the palace and was again imprisoned for talking back to a guard.

There he can’t sleep because of the violence that surrounds them He turned sad and felt very useless because he can’t do anything about the situation. After which the officials let them free for no reasons at all. When Edwardwas released he just noticed that a group of people on the tower and he saw that it was an elegant and precious parade. It was been a parade for the coronation of the new King. Because of this he immediately ran to the palace and entered the gate. Tom grew pale when the Archbishop of Canterbury lifted upon the crown of England from its cushion and held it on the head of Tom.

The hall create an commotion when a lad wearing a rag clad raise his hand and said that he was the king. Everybody was bewildered and even perplexed to what was happening. And so the Lord Protector’s eye fell sternly to the real king. Because of this he ask the king asked him if he can question about his royal clan. The king agreed and answered all the questions right. Everybody was amazed but then the Lord Protestor’s remembered that the Seal was missing and so they ask the King were the seal was placed. He answered back but they couldn’t find the seal.

The duke commanded the guard to drag him out of the palace. Tom protested. He helped the real prince remember what happened the day they met. The king remembered that he put the Seal on the arm piece of the Milanese armor that hangs on the wall. And so the duke commanded the Guard and this time it was right. The real prince was crowned to be the King of Wales. After that day miles Hendon went to the palace to gave a letter and the guard thought that another man is trying to get the throne of the king. But then when the king saw Miles Hendon, he lat him in and rewarded for the help he showed to Him.

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