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The novel The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald

In the novel The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, symbolism played a very important role. Jay Gatsby, the novel’s protagonist fell in love with a girl named Daisy who after their splitting up married and had a family with another man. Unpredictable occurrences took place when they were reunited and out of all the symbols’ three were the most significant. These consist of the green light at the end of Daisys dock, Gatsbys yellow car and Dr.

Elkelburgs eyes that looked over West Egg. The green light at the end of Daisys dock signified several meanings each in which came about in different periods of time. At the beginning of the novel Gatbsy ,wanting to be alone ,was seen looking toward the light, at this moment the light symbolized his love for Daisy and how even though she was only a short distance away he couldn’t reach her. The light altered its meaning toward the end of the story when finally the light burnt out.

The coincidence of this occurrence was that Daisy had just confronted her husband, Tom Buchanan, of her love for Gatsby and after that an accident happened that led to Tom taking Daisy away to Europe. So at this time the light burnt out and the meaning was that the light was no longer needed to show where Daisy was because she no longer was in Gatsby life her love for him as well as the light had perished. Gatsby’s yellow car which was none other than expensive and luxurious was a show of wealth and power but at the same time it symbolized death.

At the beginning of the story Gatsby held his car in The upmost respect because it symbolized wealth prestige and power. People envied his car as well as himself. But this too altered within the story, you see after Toms dispute with Daisy over loving Gatsby Daisy felt tense and thought that driving Gatsby car home would ease her tension but ironically she hit and killed Myrtle Wilson, who was without Daisys consent toms mistress. with the event Daisys heartlessness surfaced and all the love she had for Gatsby ended because she fled from the accident.

So what was Gatsby pride and joy brought upon him nothing but evil that varied from his long lost love deserting him to the framing of murder which led to his lonely death. Dr. Elkelburgs eyes, which really was a billboard, was looked upon as the eyes of god that watched over West Egg. When Myrtle Wilson was accused and found guilty by her husband, George Wilson, of committing adultery he stated that god sees everything. while he made this remark he was looking upon the billboard in some sort of assurance within himself that made him believe this statement was true.

After Gatsbys death the billboard again was mentioned in a grieving way where no one attended the funeral, out of all the people that attended Gatsby fun filled night parties no one really was his friend and in the end his wealth and power meant nothing. The green light at the end of daisys dock, Gatsby yellow car and Dr. , Elkelburgs eyes were a different variety of complex symbols. These symbols that were found within this novel, were just a few of the many that F. Scott Fitzgerald used to make this story fabulous.

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