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The Middle East, Islam and Politics

Europe started to witness a state of up rise in the eleventh century and started trying to build a new personality which made them feel a new type of confidence. Thus, the crusades were a crucial part of this new mission, and it totally expressed the new Western soul. Creating an enemy is a crucial part in developing a new identity, and the Muslims provided that to full extent. Although it was obvious that the Christians didn’t have any intake on Muslims or the Islam religion except the fact they weren’t Christians and were gruesome fighters, defeating such an enemy would be a great victory as it raises their status way higher.

The crusades were based on hating non Christians, and it started by attacking the Jews and trying to exterminate them and while at it Jews were given the option of being victors by joining or else facing death”. (Armstrong, 23) Before the Christian armies marched west, they were busy cleansing Europe of Jews and from that the Christians created a sickness with no antidote that stayed in the west throughout the middle ages. Even the rise of Hitler when he was killing Jews that turned Christians hundreds of years ago to avoid crusade slayings.

It must be clear how crusade ideas, that are linked and tied learly and directly, got to the struggling Middle East today. In the beginning of their mission the crusades killed the Jews, and by the end of the dreadful mission, they slayed Muslims in Palestine with no remorse at all and hatred was then engraved deep inside the western identity. If it wasn’t for the non-Christian hating of the west which later on turned to be Muslim hatred, then it would have been impossible for Jews to have a state in the holy land of Palestine.

The eighteenth century had its own flaming events, as a Jewish person was viewed as a hater of civil society and in Germany a society rew based on its people and not on civilization and the city. Those points of view made Jews the basic enemy of the German soul, and in the midst of all that Jews were getting back to each other to form their own civil society. Then the basic form of philosophy behind forming a civil society was keeping in contact with their ancestors land, and so the Jewish movement was created under the name of Israel.

A turning point was marked by President Woodrow Wilson’s announced support of England’s famous Belfour declaration of 1917 of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, a declaration that coincided with America’s ecision to enter World War 1 on the side of the British”. (Cottam, 8) The Jews were very important in wars and throughout history as they were the best spies available from napoleon to Hitler to today’s world in the United States. People in the Arab Muslim world have been used to explaining American Israeli relations as political and strategic reasoning.

For example the Jewish money that affects election campaigns, the Jewish media that plays with the American general view, the combined singular voice of Jews in elections, then Israel’s position in the Arabian peninsula which is of strategic importance to the united states. All these reasons when wondering seem too general and far away from precision, or under best reasoning, it’s nothing but signs for a deeper and more stable relationship. The Jewish money in elections does not explain the political backing that Jews are getting in the midst of American politics and the competition from all colours of American politics for that money.

Also in the states there are enough wealthy families to gather up as much Jewish money and way more. Interesting enough Israel’s strategic position doesn’t explain the American support as Israel has always been a sense of disgrief for American politics in the area. As far as a united singular Jewish voice goes, there are different opinions and arguments like all countries, and interesting enough the backing for Israel is deeper and stronger in some American states that barely have any Jewish people in it.

Enough to know that Jews occupy only 3 percent of the states but in the house of senate they own 10 percent, at least that’s what they let the 3 percent and others think. Whoever looks at the Israeli-American relationship with political and strategic views seem to forget historic truths of significant importance, that Christians had their own sense of Zionism efore Jewish Zionism came in. In 1844, first American council to step foot in Jerusalem and one of his goals was to do his godly work and help the Jews build their own country in Palestine.

Criston spent numerous efforts trying to contact American generals and convince them of working towards building a Jewish state in Palestine so Jews can practice their rights and freedom. Following his footsteps, Blackston an American traveler, published a book in 1878 called “Christ is coming” which sold millions of copies and had a deep effect on American Protestants. The main idea in the book was “the return of Jesus”, that Christians kept waiting for over centuries, would not be fulfilled unless the Jews were to come back to the holy land of Palestine.

Then in 1891 Blackston went forward with a request to the American president at the time, president Harrison, asking him for America to interfere so the Jews can go back “home”. The idea of “building a Jewish state in Palestine” was believed in by American protestants before the Jews believed in it, and started pursuing it before the Jews did, before the Jews started believing they could achieve such goal. Interesting to note was that if it wasn’t for the mental thinking upport of this idea from the protestant Americans and the British then the Jews would not have showed such interest like they did.

Theodor Hertzle, the originator of the Zionist movement, when he introduced the idea of “Jewish country”, his reasons weren’t necessarily religious and that’s why he was ready to take over Jews in Uganda, Iraq, Canada or Argentine. As for the protestant Americans and others, they believed from the first day that Palestine is a Jewish country and considered it a condition for the “return of Christ”, and then they took out “the Jewish question” out of political order to the “imaginary” order.

In 1974 and for the first time in American history, president Jimmy Carter was proud to be “a born again Christian”, as he also expressed the link between the Jews and Americans as an important one. In ’79 Carter gave a speech in front of the Jewish church saying ” America’s relationship with Israel is more than a special one… it was and it’s still a unique one, and its a relationship that can not be broken because it is originated in the loyalty, behaviour, religions and thoughts of the American public”. Bruzonsky, 32) After Carter the power of this relationship got stronger as bush senior was president then after him ush the son who is still president today.

“Today the middle east conflict remains one of the world’s most interactable. Even more omniously, the regional conflict undoubtedly contains the potential for global cataclysm. Less obvious, however, is that the potential resolution of the conflict may also require the continuing involvment of the great powers, especially the United States”“. Bruzonsky, 15) Basically the war on terrorism after the staged and planned 9/11 attacks, the Muslim world has never been in such great danger. For everything that the Americans and Jews claim is urting them is exactly the opposite, they use those means to hurt Muslims but feed the media otherwise. The 9/11 attacks were basically a plan from the American government to scare and put fear in the public’s heart that America is under attack from terrorists.

Using that, Bush led the war into Iraq although most of the international community was against it, but then again why wait for the rest of the world when Israel gives you the green light... right? Before going into Iraq, Americans “predicted” Osama bin Laden was in Afghanistan and invaded it and till today still occupy it with the claim of cleaning errorism. It is true but Americans consider all Muslims terrorists because they are willing to sacrifice their life for a greater cause, so their not lieing but they are distorting the truth.

Yes there is always in whatever country people that are outlaws and not going with whatever the country states like normal citizens do, so under that Americans took the chance to dirty up the Muslim worlds name so that they can have a permanent position in the middle east and a continuing role changing the roots of the Islamic world. Europe and the united states have been gaining very much from the iddle east and the Muslim world seeing that it occupies 25 percent of the world’s both land and population.

Resource wise the Muslim world is filled with riches and godly given human resources, so basically Americans are making a fortune from the biggest colonial rule that our modern world has seen. The last colonial era was that of the Europeans and after that was over it was supposedly the end of the colonial era, at least officially and publicly speaking that is. By assuming that Bin Laden was in Afghanistan, the American army marched in and set base there which they will probably keep for a very long time.

Afghanistan is very important strategically because it covers the eastern side of Iran plus at the same time it keeps them close to Russia and China at the same time. Not to mention the vast resources and also the country borders Pakistan, the only Muslim country with nuclear power. From the western side of Iran you have Iraq which has been and is still being mostly destroyed by American troops claiming they are spreading democracy. This way Americans have Iran surrounded and at the same time they are near Syria, another claimed to be terrorist country.

Of course not to mention the huge amounts of oil and natural gas deposits in Iraq that they are taking advantage off plus it gives them an invisible hand in the oil and gas markets to control it more. All this being done in the public’s eye by the Americans but of course the Jews control where most American views are going. Israel’s nation obviously has a lot of goals to achieve; the highest and most important would be establishing Israel with a pure Jewish identity as higher controlling power in the Middle East.

To achieve that on the next level – under the lights of what is called a peace process that the Arabs have agreed to- Israel has to try and achieve through peace negotiations nd to draw border lines to include the lands they have taken over in 1967. By doing that they achieve their security measures from a geostrategic point of view, and it ensures their country has continuous and vaster water supply and they can practice their identity by taking out the Arabs form that lands so they can keep the Jewish identity.

For all this to work, the military strategy has to be successful by using force and ensuring land takeover by making them Jewish and they have to control the area politically, economically, and culturally with the dependance specially on military and the economy. The political goal behind success would be the guarantee of a permanent Jewish state in the Middle East inside secure borders that are recognized internationally, a more modern civilization, deep relationships with neighboring Arab countries and the other neighbors geographically.

Belief in Israeli leadership politically, economically, and not to allow a Palestinian state that is free and moving beside “Israel”. As far as the military goal goes, Israel wants to be more powerful by all ways and means in all traditional and non-traditional compared to all the Arab countries, maybe then they can achieve their political and economic goals. Economic goal would be stabilizing and growing Israeli economy by investing man power and outside international help not to mention the states.

It’s also possible by trying to control neighbouring countries’ economies by direct or indirect means, and to open new Jewish markets all across the globe. Dealing with economic bundles, academic and international, to profit from the benefits that it offers it’s members, to create shared opportunities, with the given fact that Israel would get more water, oil and elements and to bring back home Jews that have been away from “home”. Then little by little Israel would not need to depend on oreign investments as much.

The societal goal would be the nation staying with high levels of toughness and Jewish purity that can be obtained by increasing the size of manpower and bettering its quality by convincing the world’s Jews to migrate to Israel and decreasing the size of the Arab population. As far as the ideological goal, re-livening the Jewish civilization by “breathing” back the religious Jewish soul into the Israeli society, grow the traditions between the Jewish teenagers and plant the idea of Zionism as an ethnic base.

The technological goal can be achieved by developing the nation’s base n scientific, communication and electronic fields. These include biotechnology, microelectronics, artificial intelligence, electronic brains, space invasion and systems information as a base for technological boost that Israel would occupy the area with. When all is in order, Israel would be able to start on different horizons and live side by side in means of being a developed country not being behind from leading countries.

Now for the biggest goal, the worldwide Zionism movement. The goal from this is to fasten up the pace of Jews immigrating to Israel, and the plan is by 2010 the population should be 10 million by directing new mmigrants in a pictured way of land invasion projects that include economic, scientific and social means that would help them blend in the community faster and more comfortably.

By doing that, plans for growth and defence grow larger in comparison to neighbouring Arab countries by numerous advantages. In 1982 when prime minister Ariel Sharon was defence minister, he had a speech that made a lot of people think; he said “the area that contains Israel’s strategic importance is growing, including the entire Arab world excluding Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, North Africa even Zimbabwe and South Africa”.

Bruzonski, 48) In the nineties this circle has grown to expand from the Atlantic’s east coast to it’s west, to Iran and Pakistan eastwards, and from Islamic Mid-Asia north all the way to cape town in south Africa, south. From this we can understand the strategic cooperation between Israel and Turkey, Kazakhstan and India, and the Israeli plans in accordance with India and Sri Lanka to strike “the Kahota complex” that is Pakistan’s nuclear plant.

Also Israel’s cooperation with Turkey to air strike against Syria, Iran and Iraq, and the Israeli nuclear test in South Africa showed the racist rule there, also the political, economic and ilitary instability of countries in mid and south Africa allowed Israel to cooperate with Ethiopia and Eritrea to ensure Israel’s control over the south entrance of the red sea, also the cooperation between Israel and Ethiopia and Zimbabwe to migrate the remaining “falasha” Jews to Israel. All this is just a mere example of Israel’s potential and what they can do if they are not to be stopped.

Israel works to fulfill its goals and dreams through a strategy of 2 levels, the higher level which is called “The Big Plan” and the lower level which is known as “Present Security Problems”“. The Big Plan” draws a strategic plan to ensure big needs and goals in the long run, which Israel plan to do with time intervals that are thoroughly and precisely planned. As for the “Present Security Problems”, which now runs mostly on Palestinian grounds, it draws the handling of Israel’s homeland security at its current stage, and what it occupies of Palestinian territory, and it’s never ending security problems.

In reply to the problems, the strategy “shut down” seeks to force Israel’s enemies on stopping their own “big plans” which would be the extermination of Israel and taking back all of Palestine. It’s also to force enemies to use humble policies and strategies that are less demanding in their transactions with Israel, that’s because if the enemies stop working on their “big plan” for a long period of time then it would eventually lead to enemies dropping it from their calculations, and that’s what Israel did in its 1993 peace treaty.

The Israeli politics use a lot of means to get to their goals, like threatening to use military force at any given time, and ending with pressure from the Americans through politics and economies which usually leads to frustration nd exhaustion to the inner side of the Arab countries not to mention the work from their spies. The Israeli “Big Plan” consists of three major parts that equally play significant roles in the plan. The first part is called “diluting the area”, that concentrates on the separation mode that the Arab world is going through. It tries to separate Arabian countries to small organizations or groups based on ethnic and family issues that are spread in the Arabian world which call for separation or independence. That or to merge with other non-Arabian countries in the strategic circle which gives inorities a bigger say thus providing the “mother” role.

Also taking advantage of the problems going on, Israel feeds these problems to cause inner separation between people in one nation. Prime examples of those would be the civil war in Lebanon, separation war in south Sudan, the Kurd revolution in northern Iraq, the “barbar” revolution in Algeria, and the tries of creating ethnic problem in Egypt and so on and so forth. (Boucher, 67) “The second part is called “tug of war”, and that works by involving Arab countries in struggles between each other or with bordering non-Arab ountries in the geographic passport. That’s a goal towards pulling Arab countries from their back and away from the main struggle between Arabs and Israel, and especially Egypt since it can be the greatest threat to Israel, both military and people’s wise.

Examples would be the 8 year war between Iraq and Iran, the struggle between Syria and Turkey specially that Turkey has signed military and economic deals with Israel, Israel’s support for Turkey in military missions in northern Iraq, the role of Israel in problems between Sudan and Ethiopia and between Yemen and Eritrea to ontrol the entrance of the red sea which Israel is after, and last but not least between Mauritania and Senegal in west Africa”. Boucher, 69) “The third and final part of “The Big Plan” is called “Heavy Invasion” and that is pretty much self explanatory.

That targets basically invading as much land as possible to claim to the land of “Israel”. If that happens then in the future it would be hard to gain these lands back or to even negotiate about them. It also builds a better chance for Israeli intervention in Arabian countries in the future, even if Israeli forces here to pull out from there the chances of negotiating are weak just like what’s happening in “Al-Khalil” today. (Boucher, 72) As I mentioned earlier Israel has “Present Security Problems”, and to solve it here is their 10 “NO solutions” (Israel calls them real solutions I don’t, you’ll see why). First off, NO to pullback to 1967 borders, then NO to splitting Jerusalem, then NO to full Arabian leading the “Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa”, also NO to a Palestinian country with full freedom. Continuing with the no’s, NO to stopping land invasion or pulling back from already occupied land, NO to returning refuges, NO to strategic alliance with Arabian countries whether it includes some or all of them.

NO to any Arabian country having a nuclear program, NO to any adjustments to the balance of military power between Israel and the Arabs and NO to Israel being cut off from Arab water resources. Now you tell me is that being fair and just? I don’t think so at all but then again they’re having their turn ruling the world, almighty god is watching and will punish them. As for the relationship between the Middle East, Islam and politics, I think if it wasn’t for religion there would be no bloody and murdering wars, instead here would only be wars in the economic point of view and that’s it.

Israel is about the religious reasons while the Americans are the political liars covering up Israel’s mess and while at it they take over countries, test out their new weapons and use it’s resources freely like it was written in their holy book for them to take it. Honestly speaking though, in a cold world like ours today we can’t blame the Americans or the Jews for their greed and inhumanity, we should blame ourselves as Arabs and Muslims for not foreseeing such things and not being prepared when our countries own a lot of the world’s wealth.

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