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The Issue Of Israel and Palestine

In 1993, in Oslo, Norway a historic peace agreement was secretly drawn up with the hopes of bringing all the violence between the Palestinians and the Israelis to an end. Yasser Arafat, the chairman of the PLO, and Yitzhak Rabin who was prime minister of Israel at the time shook hands at the White House in front of President Bill Clinton to finalize the accords. This was the first step towards peace in a long time between the warring nations, and one that many people believed was going to bring an end to the fighting.

These accords were significant because it was the first time that Israel ever recognized the Palestinian Liberation Organization as representatives of Palestine. The purpose of Oslo was to pull out all of the Israeli troops from the West Bank and Gaza, and give the Palestinians the opportunity to govern themselves in that territory. Ariel Sharon was heavily opposed to the Oslo accords because he viewed it as a security threat to Israel to remove their troops from Palestine.

Even after the accord was signed, Palestinians were still unhappy, and the violence continued. When Rabin was killed and Sharon took over after he won the election, he ultimately called off the Oslo agreement, and the Israeli army continued to punish Palestine in response to Palestinian attacks. Sharon is in no hurry to reach peace with Palestine, he does not trust the Palestinian people or their recently deceased leader Yasser Arafat. Ariel Sharon is perfectly content going eye for an eye with Palestine for every terror strike.

He believes that he is right, and no one is going to change his opinion. Ariel Sharon is a big bully. I do not justify Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians, and I do believe that Yasser Arafat supported terror strikes, but Sharon knows that he has the upper hand in the whole situation. America is going to stand behind Israel, so Sharon makes all these crazy demands from the Palestinians. He will give them some of their land, but Israel will control the air space in the new Palestinian territory.

Of course Palestine is not going to agree to that, demands like that are absurd, but Sharon has the world on his side because when he blows up a house full of Palestinians, it is referred to as a military action, but when Palestinians attack Israel it is looked at as terrorism. President Bush and his cabinet of maniacs has created this entire scare of terror attacks, and Ariel Sharon was the first person to jump on that bandwagon. This was exactly what he needed to justify Israel beating up on Palestine and taking control of Palestinian land.

The United States spawned all of the enemies that we are fighting with today by giving them aid. They gave aid to the Taliban to fight the Soviets during the cold war, they gave millions of dollars and arms and supplies to Saddam Hussein to help Iraq win the war versus Iran. Almost every hijacker from the 9/11 terror attacks came from Saudi Arabia. I find it interesting that the Saudi Arabians have not felt any type of repercussion for that, why has President Bush gone after Iraq and dropped millions of tons of bombs on Afghanistan and Iraq, when all of the hijackers were Saudi.

The United States cannot go to war with Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia controls all the oil, so instead they invade Iraq and take control of the remainder of the oil surplus. Politicide is Sharon’s plan to separate Palestine into two very small territories surrounded by Israel’s tight noose. He uses the Palestinian suicide attacks as a cover to commit large scale attacks on Palestine and use Israel’s military muscle. He uses the same vocabulary that President Bush does when he says he wants to create a democratic state in Palestine.

Apparently creating a democratic state for these two world leaders consists of bombing these countries into submission, and installing a government that they can control like puppets. Sharon claims to be disarming the Palestinian insurgents, and making a way for a more peaceful future in Israel but his primary objectives are to destroy the Palestinian state, to seize Palestinian lands for good, and to kill any Palestinian that stands in the way of Israel’s destiny.

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