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The Importance Of Recycling In America Essay

Can you imagine how long we’ve been recycling for? People around this world have been recycling for many years. Many Americans decide to throw trash away wherever they want. We are dealing with a major problem in this world that we will also be facing for many more years if Americans are still doing the same as they were years ago. Recycling is very important because one of the biggest problems it can cause is pollution. Recycling can save many Americans money just by throwing away some trash where they’re supposed to be.

Many states in the United States take trash around the world to other ontinents and have them live in poverty and deal with pollution. Not only does recycling help the environment but also reduces energy consumption, reduces the amount of pollution, and most importantly, global warming. One of the biggest benefit of recycling is conserving energy. Conserving energy refers to using less of an energy service. You can conserve energy by turning down your water heater thermostat. This problem is cause by many people around the world. Some people don’t even understand the problems we are facing.

One of these problems is pollution. Using products made from ecycled materials can generate less pollution. For example, making recycled paper creates seventy four percent less air pollution and thirty five percent less water pollution than making paper directly from trees. Manufacturing products from recycled materials often generate less air and water pollution than what would have been generated when the product was made from the original materials. Many chemicals that we use go into the air and cause this problem. Our cars are another problem.

Believe it or not we can recycle our cars. What is in our cars have chemicals in them that we don’t know about. We can also recycle our oil form our cars. Motor oil can get dirty but doesn’t wear out. There are over 550 million cars in the world and each one needs oil in its engine to be changed when it’s dirty. Nearly all of our daily activities produce some type of waste. The world produces more waste than what it does the year before, every single year. When garbage is thrown into a poor country, people collect reusable items from the garbage.

The poor country that gets the big landfill from other states, can get underground water pollution from the landfill with the e- aste. I’m pretty sure that no one wants landfills around their communities or to live close to one either. This can help us decrease the amount of landfills all over the world. There is about ten thousand municipal landfills and three thousand and ninety one active landfills. Recycling programs have resulted in almost seventy million tons of materials being diverted away annually from landfills. Recycling is the best effective way to reduce our reliance on landfills.

The greatest killer in the world, is dirty water. Five million children die from dysentery, a severe orm of diarrhea that is contracted from drinking water contaminated by sewage. You can also get water pollution. Water pollution is a known threat to humans and we can do our part to help keep our waters clean. Many liquids that fall into the draining systems end up in our ocean. For example, bleach is a very effective cleaner, when it drains to the sewers with waste water, it kills the bacteria that break down sewage at the sewage plant. People don’t even know that they are producing waste.

When someone smokes, makes a barbecue, uses air fresheners, those items let gases be carried away into the air. Pollutants can end up in the environment where they can end up harming the wildlife. When there is substances on hills and it rains, the substances are then washed down and then covered by the soil. The best way to lessen the problem when materials become waste is to recycle them right away. There is signs all over the world that show that they are trying to recycle as much as they can. Paper is the number one item that can be reused when it is recycled.

Newspaper is the biggest major source of waste. If you were to collect your daily newspaper a month, early each one weighs a pound so your average per month would be nearly thirty pounds or more. Another major waste of source is magazines. Most of the waste are papers and plastics. In offices there are really big stacks of paper that actually don’t even get touched at all. Some recycling organizations for businesses consider estimating the amount and type of waste that can be recycled. Plastics on the other hand have become heavily under fire as prime polluters.

Most cities have persuaded citizens to cooperate in recycling programs to make their economy look well. Some businesses in Minneapolis have decided to get permission to use cold water from underground aquifers to use for air conditioning. All though we spent ninety percent of our time indoor, the air inside may be as much as twenty times more toxic than the outdoor air. One way to have good indoor air quality is to have house plants to help cleanse the air. We can conserve home energy by turning off water heaters and check your house insulation because having gaps can result in high heat loss.

Ninety percent of housing are poorly constructed, sited badly or geographically undesirable to ever se solar power. States have created mandatory collection because in one year 28 billion bottles and jars end up in landfills, that’s equivalent to filling up two empire state buildings every 3 weeks. Besides bottles, food wastes can be used to sell to farmers or for composting, or can be provided as a food source for local animal farms that meet local, state, and federal regulations for food scrap usage. Eighty percent of all grocers’ retailers recycle their cardboard.

Many people know about the economic benefits of recycling to save money. Recycling culture n home brings long-term benefits. Recycling can also create some long term investment value at low up front cost. The cost would be really high if people wouldn’t recycle. There is actually recycling places that you can go to, to turn in your recyclable items into more money for you. Recycling is the best thing you can do to save money, by collecting all the materials to do to your own stuff. Many people think that recycling is just putting trash away in a container but it’s not! Did you know that you can also recycle water in the United States?

Recycled water can be sed in industrial processes, construction activities, water parks, but more importantly for agriculture and landscape irrigation. Each gallon of water that is recycled becomes one less gallon that needs to come from rivers, lakes, and groundwater resources. Water recycling is the reuse of tap water in our homes, and water that has been reclaimed from treated and sewage. Ninety five percent of the water that enters a home, goes down the drain daily. Some of the biggest benefits of recycling can be really good for our environment. The most important benefit is that we will have cleaner air.

Planting more trees in our neighborhood can have one of the greatest impacts on us. Another important benefit it will have on us is that we will have cleaner water in our ecosystem. Recycling can also clean our environment and make our state look very good and better than others. It can also stimulate the development of greener technologies. Recycling can be a little bit difficult for some people. It’s difficult for them because some certain areas don’t even have any pickups. Some people also think that it doesn’t even make a simple difference. In reality, it really does.

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