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The Great Illusion: The Witch Of The Dark

Something evil lurks in the small, quiet town of Seymour, NY but no one knows anything about it. A place named Seymour would make you think its residents would ‘see more, but the townspeople there were blinded by evil. It is a place where people enjoy the simple things in life, where they smell the roses and know each other’s name. In Seymour lives a boy named Christophe. Growing up, Christophe always felt different, but more than anything, he just wanted to be understood. He knew in his heart something was off about the world and knew nobody in his town would believe how he felt even if he tried.

Christophe liked anything that invloved solving mysteries, it was what intrigued him. He had a knack for solving the most complex problems. Every night he would quietly sit alone in an empty corner of his bedroom in order to find clues about how he was feeling, but he could never quite put his finger on what it was. Once he finished reading like clockwork, he would watch his favorite show called “The Twilight Zone”. That particular night he watched an episode about an evil witch that cast spells to trick people into losing their memories.

He enjoyed the show, but wasn’t too fond of superstitions like witches and their black cats. While watching his show as it blared loudly from his television screen, he drifted deeply off into his imagination getting lost in his thoughts. He stared at the ceiling daydreaming about exploring, and recalled getting a unique snow globe from his dad a couple of months before he had left to sail around the world. The snow globe has a map of the world within it and was given to Christophe to signify a world within a world, a bigger world than what is usually seen with the naked eye.

His dad wanted him to one day follow in his footsteps as the sailor that he knew he was. As he snapped back into reality he sat up in the bed to see his show had ended. Tired from his day he laid down snug in his bed to dream well into the night. As he fell fast asleep, he heard crackling noises from the crickets that sat atop the trees. As the crickets screeched louder a swirling gust of wind swiftly blew through the cracked window of his bedroom. Gloom covered the walls as he slept. The door slammed shut from the vicious blowing of the wind.

With all the commotion in the air, he suddenly awoke from his dream. While he dreamed about nagging intuitions he felt about the world a shadowy figure was trying to alert him about something. The mysterious figure he saw in his dreams compelled him to spring out of bed to direct him to his computer to sit. He found himself sitting in his rickety old chair given to him by his grandfather. As he rocked back and forth in the chair, it creaked louder and louder until the sound abruptly stopped.

A black cat, with glowing yellow eyes, then crawled through his window, walking towards him, stopped, then intensely stared. Like deja vu, the cat repeated the same motion of crawling through the window and walking towards him. After witnessing the creepiness of this, he knew something was definitely wrong. Startled, he knocked over his snow globe and as it came crashing down to the ground. Christophe’s room began spinning around in circles when suddenly he felt a surge of energy throughout his fingertips and had a sudden impulse to type. “The keys on my keyboard are stuck,” screamed Christophe.

After typing on the keys on his keyboard a mysterious message popped on the screen that read, “The great illusion is upon you come now to seek the truth. ” Frightened, he unplugged the computer. He was unable to move… his feet were glued to the ground, mysteriously his fingers flung onto the keyboard and started typing for him. He was guided to a link online. Something odd awaited him as he continued to click around on the web pages. He saw an alternate spelling of a word, that was once remembered to be a different way they had grown up knowing.

The book “The Berenstain Bears” as he remembered it used to be spelled “Bernstein Bears”. “Was it always spelled this way? “, He exclaimed. He had to tell someone that would listen and so he called his close friend Angelic to explain what he had just seen. Angelic told him that she had an account of seeing the same thing while online and too was baffled. Together they came to a conclusion that they all remembered the alternate spelling since their childhood. As the days passed by they began to notice even more subtle changes surrounding them.

To be sure of what they were seeing they compared their memories to their present reality. The world was altering all around them, people’s names and movie quotes changed seemingly overnight. They knew the actor that played superman name as Christopher Reeves and is now Christopher Reeve. The movie Wizard of Oz as they knew it always said, “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. ” that now says, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. Seeing these changes led Christophe to ask, “How do you remember it, Angelic? Do you remember it being this way?

Are we going insane? ” With what appeared to be an illusion with how they once remembered things, they knew they had to investigate to get to the bottom of this. Collectively they came together with the hope of figuring out what was going on. “What does all of this mean? I’m so scared. ” said Angelic. “It will be alright Angelic, no matter what we’ve got to stick together, I will protect you,” said Christophe. They saw the words and signs changing right before their very eyes and were amazed that nobody else could see this phenomenon.

“Are we dreaming, or is this real? asked Christophe. Like Christophe, Angelic was attempting to piece together the mysteries that lay before them. All day they paced back and forth. They wondered if their world had always been this way and questioned if they had somehow lost their memories. Perhaps something was playing tricks on their minds as if something supernatural was in the works, or maybe their world was merging with another one. Suddenly a light bulb went off in Christophe’s head and it all became crystal clear. “I think I’m getting close to figuring everything out.

I’ve got it these are all codes that can be cracked! “Whoever or whatever is behind this will have a lot of explaining to do! ” he shouted. With his keen ability to solve puzzles and mysteries, he decoded the clues they had gathered. He figured out that humanity was no longer the ‘captain’ of their ship and that ‘Superman’ couldn’t rescue them because there was a ‘stain’ on humanity for the bad deeds people did in life. It was now clear that is why their world had changed into an ‘alternate reality’. The Witch of the Light overheard them and in a flash, she decided to reveal herself.

She told them their suspicions were right that their world had emerged with another world. She told them that The Witch of the Dark was the one behind it all. She explained how the witch traveled back in time on her broomstick to change history, and then kidnapped them to a similar world as their own. With her supernatural powers, she was able to make people believe their reality was real when it was really an illusion. The Witch of the Dark showed them illusions in their reality and in their nightmares to corrupt them because she wanted control.

She figured by creating confusion, it would lead to disagreements among people and would ultimately lead to war; she wanted destruction to come so she could rule the world. The Witch of the Light said, “Remember, never quite being able to put a finger on what was going on? ” She continued telling them that she was the one that showed them the illusions created by The Witch of the Dark because they were the only ones that could see them. She explained, “Since you two were able to unveil the truth hidden in plain sight I chose you.

In the new reality, you will see that everyone is consumed by the things of the world, so much so that they do not see what’s really going on around them. ” People didn’t have their own memories in this reality, but instead implanted memories created by The Witch of the Dark. The Witch of the Dark brought about polluted air, tele-lie-vision, smartphone gadgets, bias media, violence and obesity just to corrupt their minds. She made people care less about the health of the environment and themselves.

Christophe didn’t know it yet, but his dad went exploring to warn others about the illusions forming across the world, but nobody would listen and he was going to need their help. With all these illusions into people’s lives, it was doing nothing but leading them astray from whom they remembered they were in their old reality. Since Christophe and Angelic were able to see more than others, The Witch of the Light wanted to test them and said, “You will either choose to suffer in this world as everyone stays asleep, or you will go back to your world where everyone becomes awake, the choice is yours.

The Witch of Light waved her magic wand in an instant they knew what they had to do to get back to their reality. The witch gave them individualized superpowers, their senses were stronger and they were faster and smarter. Christophe had the power of changing destiny to reshape people’s paths, and Angelic had the power to protect people’s minds from the lies. Together they had the power to spread the love. Together they dashed across the world on their feet, they rubbed their hands together and shot projectiles of fireballs that blazed from their hands into people’s hearts.

With Angelic’s sixth sense abilities, she placed her fingers to her temple and used her telekinesis powers to alter false memories that people had. Christophe’s aurora radiated so bright that the energy reached into people’s souls changing their destinies. The evil spell was now broken and the battle between both worlds was over. Everyone went back to being awake from the trance they had been under from The Witch of the Dark’s world. The wicked witch’s world had disappeared and she was never seen or heard from ever again. They were back to their old world, remembering who they were again to live peacefully like before.

Now back in his bedroom Christophe noticed something that looked all too familiar, on the edge of his dresser sat his snow globe back together again. There was suddenly banging at his front door, it was his dad, he had returned from his travels. He knew the powers his son had deep down inside and said, “You made me proud son, you now have the gift to see the world! ” Christophe and his friend learned a valuable lesson that day, that they knew they had the power to see things others couldn’t that it didn’t matter if others misunderstood, they knew to trust their own institutions.

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