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The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Summary Essay

Chapter 1 The five aspects are a quester, a place to go, a reason to go there, challenges on the way there, a real reason to go there. A young man named J. Gatsby. He is extremely wealthy, but is lonely because he lost the woman he loved. A place to go: Gatsby uses his wealth to buy a mansion across from the woman he loved. He could see her house across the lake and at night he can see the green light on the end of the dock. A stated reason to go there: He goes there to try to reconnect with her. Challenges along the way: the challenges he faces is that daisy is married to another guy.

Another reason or him to go is daisy the woman he loved is mad at him. Chapter 2 Meals are a great way to bring people together to form a bond. A good few examples of a bond being made after a meal are in the tv show The Office they make business deals over lunch. After a wonderful lunch with Michael Scott the at first skeptical superintendent decides to make a deal with his company despite the cost. Since they spent time together and began a bond he made the deal. Chapter 5 Intertexuality is the relation between literary works that share a theme and details.

In the movie Mrs. Doubtfire the father is not allowed to see his children so he dresses up like a woman and becomes the nanny so he can see his children. In the movie She’s the Man the main character loves to play soccer. When soccer is to be taken away from her she dresses up like a man and plays on a boys soccer team. This reminds me of Mulan because she also dresses like a man in order to save her family. She goes to war as her. Both the girl from the movie Mrs. Doubtfire, She’s the Man and Mulan dress up secretly, and in the end is also caught.

They are all forced to changed there identity to so what they love or see whom they love. Chapter 6 In the movie Gnomeo and Juliet the author uses the same theme as the original Romeo and Juliet. Two people from feuding families fall in love. There are many differences in the movie and play though such as the characters being gnomes. The theme of both of these is that you never truly know someone until you put your differences aside and get to know that person. You cant always assume you know someone based on there family or who they hang out with.

Chapter 8 Cinderella is like Beauty and the Beast in the way that the person to marry the prince or the beauty is the most unlikely candidate. Both of these characters are written on because they are a housekeeper or a hideous beast. Both of them are chosen based on what is on the inside not based on their outward appearance or how high standing their family is. Chapter 10 Weather plays a huge part in literary works. In the movie chasing mavericks the only time there were huge waves or mavericks to ride was when the weather was stormy. This made riding the mavericks even more dangerous.

It added a level of suspense and fear into the movie. You feared for the characters as you saw them go out and brave the elements to surf. Chapter 11 Two types of violence in literature are narrative violence and direct violence. Narrative violence is from the author to a character. While direct violence is form one character to another an example of narrative violence is when superman’s dad dies and he mourns the loss. An example of direct violence is when the boy in Old Yeller has to shot the dog. Chapter 13 Foster’s theory of politics in books is that not every story is political.

His theory is that bits and pieces of literature are political. To Kill a Mockingbird was political. The character that is being treated unfairly is Tom who is black. At this time blacks weren’t still enslaved but they were looked down upon by most people. The government at this time did nothing to protect the blacks so if whites wanted to take advantage of them, then they usually could.. Atticus did what he could to protect Tom and although his side of the story was so much more believable, politics played a factor in the outcome not what was right. Courts are no longer like this, but it shows people how things used to be.

Chapter 15 A novel that reminds me of flight symbolizing freedom is the story of Icarus. He and his father tried to make wings so they could fly away and they worked very hard and tried to make them. Just like people in the United States fought for many years to gain our freedom. Icarus and his father finally made the wings it didn’t work out as well for them though Icarus’s wings didn’t hold together and he fell into the water. Chapter 18 In the Bible Jesus and John the Baptist baptized many people. Their lives were totally different after this they began to turn from their old was and began to live for Christ.

Their entire lives changed how they treated others and their entire worldview. They began to see the world through different eyes no longer in a worldly manner. Chapter 19 In to Kill a Mockingbird the Radley house is a scary and forbidden area that the children are not supposed to go. In Facing the Giants the Coaches backyard is his play of retreat where he feels close to God and at peace. Two more examples of this are in The Fast and Furious Doms backyard and their cars are a place where they feel most at home and safe. Chapter 21 The Scar on the forehead of Harry potter is a foreshadowing to his greatness.

It is also a sign of his great power and skill. The way that Harry received the scar shows a lot aswell the fact that he got it when his mother died trying to protect him show how important his life is and how much he will matter to the world. His scar also shows how unique he is. He looks different from everyone else because he has very different gift than others, the power of wizardry. Chapter 25 In The Masque of Red Death the people of that time period were able to relate to mass waves of disease that caused them to stay out of contact with others.

Back then they had also seen first hand how plauges had swept across countries and continents. Todays people cant relate to that in the same way. ern medicine prevents it the closest we see to that is a flu outburst and that is no big deal it is very treatable. Chapter 26 A very ironic work of literature is Fahrenheit 451. Guy Montag is the main character whose job is a fireman whose job is to destroy banned books. He is supposed to get rid of them and stop people from having them. The ironic part is that he himself owns books.

After years of trying to destroy them something changes and he totally changes and tries to begin to save the books. Chapter 27 Mansfield’s story shows being happy in tough times. It also shows the lifestyle difference between the rich and poor. The first example is from Footloose where the city had banned all dancing and music because a child was killed in a car accident. In the Crucible the kids got in trouble for going out in the woods to dance because it was considered witchcraft. The third example is dirty dancing in this film the kids also used dancing as a form of rebellion.

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