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I have seen that living in luxury is pointless and not only that but it can effect the way one lives for God. When you live with just the necessities, you show yourself that there is more to entertainment and comfort in life, that seeking material wealth all the time, Is a waste of time and the precious gift of life which God has bestowed upon us to live for His glory and not our own. Gods will is indeed inedible. Nothing we can do will prevent what He has in store for us in this life and the next. When we do follow Gods will and obey Him, much joy and peace will pursue those who follow Christ.

Blessings abound in the righteous living of the one who obeys and hears God. Hudson Taylor was a calm, peaceful man, who learned many things about God and became closer to Him through self-sacrifice and dedication to God in all aspects of his life. Hudson trained himself to live on just the necessities, and nothing more in order that he depend upon God for everything and even his very meal everyday. He lived in a most humble and poor conditions to show his dependence upon God in every day life and activity. He was obedient and listened to the call of God.

He was described as many of the fruits of the Spirit that God shows in the Word. Sacrifice became a daily thing for Hudson, as God molded and shaped Hudson for His will. Hudson Taylor was just that sort of man, one who you could call a saint. He would go where no one would want to go. And do what no one would want to do. He willed to do Gods will, and that was to go to china and spread the good news of salvation to all the lost and hurting people in china. He was to a fairly financially stable family. Except he was not saved yet when he was just a lad.

Yet his mother prayed earnestly for a long time for the salvation of her only son. The prayer was answered by God, when Hudson accidentally picked up a Christian brochure and read of the saving love of Jesus and Christ and what Christ did on the Cross of calvary, along time ago for the sins of Hudson and all of humanity. Hudson then felt the call and desire to go to china to be a light for Christ. While Hudson saved and lived as poorly as possible in order to save as much as possible. Hudson worked in the medical field gaining knowledge that would someday be very useful in China.

Upon work He became ill with a fatal fever, which through prayer and meditation and the good medical uses, was restored to full health after a time period. During the time period Hudson saved his money he dealt with the issue of fully relying on and trusting God for everything. Hudson then proceeded to China and was a witness and testimony to all for Christ glory feeding the God starved people in need of Christ love in the war and poverty stricken country. Hudson was an example of what the missionary should be today.

Hudson showed that giving your all to God brought rewards to those who obeyed Him. Hudson succeeded in conveying the gospel efficiently to the Chinese people in Shanghai and other related cities of china. Hudson showed as an example that leaving behind all belongings and depending upon God for everything required faith and if that faith was present then much blessings and prosperity through Christ abound. Hudson was an example of faith in doing missions for the Lord. Hudsons strategy was to leave and forsake al in order to do the service of God. Students response

Hudson is an example to me, in that He showed an extreme amount of faith in forsaking all to follow the Lords plan and will for his life and those in China. Hudson depended on the Lord for everything. This teaches me to do the same. Hudson was a man of little wants or need for material possessions for comfort or pleasure. Hudson obeyed God in Gods plan for Hudson to go to China, this obedience brought protection and peace and joy from the Lord. , in all situations. Hudsons faith was that of such strength that he depended on the Lord for food for the very next day and so on.

Hudson was a man of self-control, not buying anything that he wanted but only what he needed. Hudson was faithful to God. His actions are a true model of the missionary of today and tomorrow. Hudsons faith could be a lesson for us all, “The assurance was brought vividly to me that what ever I asked of God in the name of Christ would be done; that the father maybe glorified in the son, that what I had to do was seek strength for the long walk, to receive it by faith and set out upon it.

Unhesitatingly I told the Lord I was quite willing to take the walk if He would give me the strength. Pg. 42) Hudson lived for God and not himself, as seen in chapter three, ” I soon found that I could live upon very much less than I had previously thought possible. Butter, Milk and other such luxuries I soon ceased to use; and I found that living mainly on oatmeal and rice, with occasional variations, a very small sum was sufficient for my needs. In this way I had more than two thirds of my income available for other purposes; and my experience was that the less I spent on my self, and the more I gave away, the fuller of happiness and blessings did my soul become. ” (Pg. 21)

The spiritual account of Hudson is one to be reckoned in that, He is an example and role model for missionaries today. Likewise from reading the account of Hudson Taylor, I realize that life is to important to waste on the luxuries of life, living for self and not for Christ, but true blessings and wisdom come for those who follow Christ and obey, living for Him only and not for self. It is far better for me to depend upon Christ through faith, for my daily bread and have no money, than for me to be the richest of the rich, and depend on my self for provision, through ignorance.

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