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Software Piracy Essay

Almost everyday it seems , software companys keep pumping out brand new software that kills the day befores in that it is more sophisticated and more in tune with the needs of todays superusers , office users , and home users. Yet , at the same time , the software theft industry in growing at an even faster rate, costing software companies billions of dollars a year. The piece of shit government can put as many copyright laws in a book as they feel , but soon it will be virtually impossible to stop .

Although computer illiteracy may still lurk by the thousands , computer intelligance lurks by the millions and even billions . We are going to bypass any laws you throw at us .There is no stopping it . America has gotta wake up , no matter what kind of warning you put out , or whatever other restrictions you try to enforce , there will always be another way . No matter what kind of encryption there will always be someone out there , wether it be me or the next guy , whose intelligence is greater then those who make the software .

According to the federal government , that by the way has no real control over america since they can’t even control themselves , software is protected from the moment of its creation . As soon as that software hits the store it is protected by the United States Federal Government . Yet , thousands of software titles have been put out there , and the government hasn’t protected a fucking thing from happening . What a joke , how can we let such morons run this nation . The law in the USA states that a person may who buys the software may (I) copy it to a single computer and (II) make a copy for archival purposes. This also holds true in canada with the exception of the user only being able to make a backup copy instead of the USA law which is allowed for both archival and backup . In actuality , the government can not baby sit everyone who buys software . How are they gonna know when John Doe buys a copy of Duke Nukem 3D
and wants to install on Jane Smith’s computer so they can get some network games going on . Yea right , they have control . People who do get caught have a chance of being fined of up to a 1 million dollars ? Jesus , all I did was install a program . Ahh… the beauty of America .

In a nutshell , the probability of someone stopping it from happening is slim to none . You take it away from the internet , we will goto mail, and so begins the cycle . Once you are so caught up in trying to stop one thing , we will go back and mess you up again . God bless  America !

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