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Similarities Between Stalin And Peter The Great Essay

If someone asks about the Great Leaders of Russian History, there will be the two leaders, Stalin and peter the great. Stalin is the Dictator of the Soviet Union, the 19th century of Russia that industrialize the Soviet Union. Whereas the Peter the Great, the 17th century dictator of Russian Empire that modernize and westernize the Russia during early Russian history. Both leaders are considered whom impacted the Russia, by westernization, and industrialization, that it made the Soviet Union, and Russian Empire as strongest, and powerful nation than before.

Stalin would be considered powerful leader in 19th century. After the death of Lenin in 1924, Stalin became the leader of the Soviet Union. (Cawthorne,1) As soon as he became a leader of the Soviet Union, Stalin start the industrialization plan called Five year plan, “Modernizing industry throughout the Soviet Union. “(Senelick, 292) The Goal of the five-year plan was clear, “first five year plan concentrated on heavy industry, such as coal, steel and iron, using the ideas of preobrazhensky, the economist theories. (Philips, 23) Which it was a first step to change Soviet Union into industrialized nation that the First five year plan was build more of the foundations in the industrialization, which it can lead to the future plans that Stalin planned. Second, and Third plan targeted different than the First Plan.

The Second Plan was more focused on consumer side. (Philips, 24) However, there were major events happened during the second industrialization plan, which was the growth of Hitler, that it changed the plan towards the defense. (Philips, 23) Change of industrialization plan helped when WWII happened, Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, the bureaucrats at Gosplan immediately changed tack to convert to the production of military supplies. ” The Second and Third plans were to be more productive industrialization, but it ended up that it helped to make strong defense of the Soviet Union, later after WWII, the growth of defense that can built iron curtain, “from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe. ” The Stalin’s industrial plans were not just industrializing the Soviet Union.

It was yet another plan for Stalin to strengthen the Marxism, “doctrines of Karl Marx, who had worked out his theories between 1847 and 1870. “that industrialization was targeting to fulfill “alternative to capitalism that would provide economic equality” that the plan target to increase “Sovkhozes and Kolkhozes (state and collective farms),” To increase on this, Stalin made rich farmers to produce more grains, and if they can’t follow the goal, or farmers do not want to do, Stalin put them on jail or execute them as well as taking their ownership of farms or lands. Ulam, 324)

It was not only to weaken the rich farmers’ power, but making their grains to government properties. (Ulam, 324) and by end of this plan, Stalin was able to minimize the difference in class, which what Marxism is aiming. While Stalin Strengthens the Soviet Union by leading the industrialization, Peter the Great showed a great leadership in 17th century by westernizing, and modernizing the Russian Empire, where it made the Russian Empires into the stronger Empire.

Peter the Great Westernize the Russian Empires in to the two categories, Policy, and politics. On the Policy side of westernization, “He banned traditional Russian dress, simplified the Russian alphabet, and changed the Russian calendar. ” Also he touched on Artistic side, “fostered the development of Western-style industry and brought thousands of artisans, scientists, and others to Russia to development of Western deas”(Berit, 323) The change of policies in Russian Empire was the first step that Peter the Great took to start on the westernization, which it leads to the political side, that made the big impacts in Russian history.

Nonetheless, Peter also westernize the politics of Russian empire, “reformed the Russian government along Western political ideals by creating a senate to advise him. ” (Berit, 323) and made an important start of ending serfdom by setting the different levels in societies, and let everyone to be able t o get higher level in the society. Which it made Peter the Great to finds who have a great skills, no matter what ranks they hold. (Berit, 323) Also, Peter the Great reforms the government as well, “reorganized the tsarist government, centralizing the administration and forcing the nobility to state. ” (Perry et al, 631),” by gathering the governments, and change the politics into efficient way, Peter made Russian empire even stronger than before. Both leaders, Peter the Great, and Joseph Stalin is strongest leaders in Russian history.

Peter was powerful leader in Russian Empire, whereas Stalin was the powerful leader of Soviet Union. Even though Peter and Stalin lived in different century, Peter and Stalin all did the same purpose of the revolution. Both leaders decision impacted the Russia in each century, not only change the history but it also made the Russia into stronger country than before. As a result, their reforms impacted the Russian Government, and that it also impacts the history of Russia.

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