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Pro’s and Con’s of Abortion

From the first records until the 18th century they have had a rarity of ways to perform abortions, from standing over steam pots in Asia, to tightening a girdle, to using plants for a botanical abortion. It wasn’t until the 19th century before doctors introduced the surgical side of abortion. Madame Resell was a Victorian-era abortionist who performed surgical abortions and dispensed pills in the northern United States for over 40 years was the first well-known abortionist (Alaska, 1988). Abortion has been a highly debated topic for many years. The view of Is viewed as being “pro-abortion”.

Pro-choice Implies that an Individual choice should be up to the woman carrying the fetus. Abortion has been a religious Issue considering they are the backbone of the anti-abortion movement. Studies show 91 % of abortions are done wealth the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and only 4% after 1 6 weeks. Most late abortions are done due to medical reasons. Less than 3% of abortions are results in fetal abnormalities where they have tested positive due to an amniocentesis. Legal abortions helps parents limit their families to the number of kids they can afford (“Legal abortion: Choice,” 2000).

Unwanted children shouldn’t have to stay with a mother who has the choice to abort he fetus within the laws that have been enacted. In 2010 408,425 children were in foster care, only 254,114 of them exited the facilities. It also states that 48% of children go to a narratives foster family, 15% went Into Institutions or group homes, 3% ran away or chose to leave to live independently. Only 4% of the children who exited foster care went Into overpopulated homes, and 5% went on trial home vaults (“Foster care statistics 2010,” 2012). Pro-choice advocates will continue to fight for a woman’s right to choose what is best for her.

Making a choice to go on birth control isn’t as simple as it may seem. Many Pro- Life supporters are trying to make it harder to have choices in different methods of birth control calling them chemical abortions and wanting the government to step in and make changes to the way doctors administer contraception. Deep-Proverb shots are no longer administered in religious based medical institutions. This is giving the women less of a choice when trying to protect her against unwanted pregnancy (American life league, 2012). For many years women have chosen what Is best for them.

The staggering numbers of unwanted children are still on the rise with women’s abortions rights Intact, the numbers could triple for foster care If our rights aren’t taken care of. Taking women’s rights to choose birth control, options along with abortion Is not going to help the situation of unwanted children. We shouldn’t let our religious need the choice to do with their bodies as the woman chooses. Abortion has been a highly debated topic for years. References American life league. (2012). Retrieved from http://www. All. Org/Nava/index/heading/ OZ/cat/MGM/id/MACON Child warfare information gateway (2012).

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Crusading on social and political issues: Personalization and persistence. Prodigal Press: The anti-Christian bias of the American news media , Retrieved from http://www. Workload. Com/world/Alaska/prodigal/CLC 1 . HTML Christina Lewis H 1440 Yank Willis November 7, 2012 resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus: (a) as induced expulsion of a human fetus; (c) expulsion of a fetus by a domestic animal often due to infection at any time before completion of pregnancy (“Merriam-Webster (Alaska, 1988). Abortion has been a highly debated topic for many years.

For most people the views of Right to Life (ART) believe human life begins at conception so nice a fetus is a human and humans have rights, an abortion should be considered as murder. Eight states require doctors to warn women about the possible psychological problems abortions cause (Rossi, 2012). After conception Day 20 the fetus begins to develop a heart, brain, spinal column, and nervous system. Day 22 the fetus heart begins to beat which is well before the legal 12 week deadline. The methods of abortion are surgical, medical, and chemical abortion. All are very invasive and allows trauma to the body (“American life league,” 2012).

Clinical search shows that women who have reported negative side effects from abortion Syndrome (PAS). Women suffering from PAS may experience drug and alcohol abuse, relationship disorders, repeated abortions, and attempt suicide. This can last for up to ten years after an abortion. Most pro-life advocates teach abstinence, suggest adoption, or try to help teach the woman how to be a mother (“Abortion: Some medical,” 2012). Pro-life advocates will always fight for the right of the baby. It isn’t hard to debate without conceptions there couldn’t be life.

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