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Procrastination, Negative Custom Which Needs To Be Weeded Out Of Society

Procrastination happens to be more than just a negative custom which needs to be weeded out of society, it is also a cliche, a small-talk joke, or complaint. Many weeks into the Multimedia program at Mt. Sierra, procrastination happens to be one of my biggest problems. After all we all do it. Most everybody I know is willing to admit the fact that it is an exasperating problem in his or her life. A lot of my work has been affected due to the fact of procrastination.

It was either my assignments were not as good or they ended up being incomplete due to lack of time I put into it doing it. When dealing with procrastination you happen to also deal with many underlying issues and causes of procrastination. The two most common causes known are the lack of relevance and interest. The many anxiety problems, which I have had to deal with which, lead me to procrastinate were fear of failure, self-doubt, the inability to handle the task; the lack of information needed to complete the task, or the fear of success.

But more or so, time management has been my greatest cause of procrastination. The point of having to juggle work, school, friends, and my girlfriend seems to keep me on my feet at all times. As a result, I end up putting off my assignments for a later date, or spending a great deal of time with my friends or worrying about an up coming exam, class project and additional papers rather than getting them done on time. This happens to be the best form of poor time management.

Work seems to also play a big role in my life because thats how I get my books paid off; it pays for my tuition, my rent, and my car. In other words my job is up there with my education. So after looking back upon my study habits and how I keep my self organized, I have to say I have failed my parents, and more or so my self in the struggle to make it through life. I came to notice these habits after doing an assignment, which dealt with writing down my daily schedule, what I did, at what time, what areas I spend more time in.

This made me realize I was wasting my life. So in order to get my life back into order I had to stop doing what I loved most, socializing. The time which I had spent going to parties and hanging out with my friends I put into my work, school work that is. To be honest, I have never felt much better about myself. The idea of completing an assignment on time with all of my work effort put into it. My actual thoughts being written down on paper with out rushing through it and having to cut corners gives me great pleasure and makes me feel proud of my work.

Now when I hand my work over to my professor to grade I dont have this weird feeling that I didnt do my best, or I should of done this or that, but more or so I DARE YOU TO READ IT! Another factor, which plays a heavy role, is the increase in stress. This has happened to me in many situations, I have gotten frustrated and upset with myself, along with the teacher. It gets even worse at times when I have more than one assignment due and I have no clue to how I am going to get them finished in time, thats when the stress starts to increase.

I end up beating myself over the fact of how lazy I have gotten or how I undisciplined I have become by putting aside my priorities for pleasure. There have been times when I had to turn to the idea of cutting corners to getting the work done on time. When I get stressed, I tend to draw everyone away from me. The way I react with the people around me tends to be a nasty scene. Arguments stir up, then one thing leads to another were yelling at each other.

There have been a couple of ways, which I have been able to direct my stress somewhere else. The first option was not hard to discover which was getting a head start on my work and getting it done on time. Another option was to relieve my stress through meditation. Well, lets just say this was the last thing I tried to relieve stress and now its one of my top 3 choices. By meditating I have been able to channel my energy to figure out how I go by completing my assignments and by also clearing my mind of clutter.

This way I am able to get back on my work with no pressure on my mind or worries about my assignment. Another way I relieve my stress from work, school, my PROFESSORS, is working out at the gym. You would be surprised how much weight you would be able to lift if you were in the mood to kick one of your professors in the teeth for assigning a lot work. But I would recommend the meditation method because you would feel more relaxed and your mind would feel a bit lighter, rather than having your body feel sore.

By relaxing my mind, I have been able to interact with my family on a more healthier basis with any form of arguments stirring up. And now, I actually look forward for a new homework assignment from my professors. Procrastinators may also be overwhelmed with the task. And I, being a procrastinator, am overwhelmed very often. It is true procrastination is dangerous, but the worst thing is that procrastination is easy to stop. You just have to stop being lazy, make up your mind to get the job done, and just do it!

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