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Peter Brownrigg Character Analysis Essay

In the novel Cue for Treason by Geoffrey Trease, Peter Brownrigg is a heroic individual. Throughout the novel Peter is depicted as being selfless, courageous and having good morals that support virtuous actions. No matter the age, race, or size of a hero, they all share those traits with Peter; a supreme example of the classic hero in english literature. Many of Ppeters words and actions throughout the novel display his immense and unfaltering courage. The first example of this is when he scales the side of an unknown, dishonest man’s residence using only daggers and luck.

In the novel the author states, “It isn’t easy to drive a dagger into hard timber, especially when you are standing on another dagger and precariously holding on by your left hand to a third”(Trease 132). At any moment he could slip or cut himself on a dagger and plunge into the murky river below; many would find this too risky to attempt for the best of reasons. Yet Peter Brownrigg does it without a moment’s hesitation, just to retrieve a stolen script. Secondly, when Tom doesn’t return from breaking into the peel tower Peter takes command and goes in after him. Peter reassures kit , telling her “I’ll be careful, never fear.

I won’t touch anything. and I’ll feel every board before I put my weight on it”(180). Peter has no clue what he is about to walk into, he could just send for help and wait till backup arrives, yet he takes the initiative to go in after Tom. last, but certainly not least, he never lets the risk of danger stop him. Throughout the novel Peter is chased, robbed, kidnapped, threatened, forced to swim across a freezing lake, hunted across precarious mountains, besieged and rides on horseback at top speeds for hours on end.

Regardless of these immensely dangerous situations he is ot swayed from his attempt to save the queen. As previously stated, one of the many traits a hero possesses is courage, which is defined as being undeterred by danger or pain. Another trait heroes are said to possesses is selflessness, which is the motive behind majority of Peter’s actions. Peter selflessly chooses to leave his home to protect his neighbors from Ssir Phillips wrath. When his father mentions the questioning that would occur if he was caught, Peter admits “I knew I should blurt out the names of every man and boy who’d been there that night. There was nothing for it but to clear out”(30).

He has no place to go, only 50 shillings, and will be leaving his family behind without a chance to say farewell to his brothers. Peter does all this to protect the identity of the other equally guilty men who broke down Ssir Phillips infamous wall. He also consistently puts Kit’s safety before his own, no matter the consequences. This is evident when Trease writes, “Ride on! | bawled, before my captor extinguished me with a foul hand across my mouth”(Trease 253). Without her help his demise is almost certain, yet he would rather ensure her safety than take the chance that she could free him.

This is a very selfless act that would not even occur to most people as an option. Another thing Peter’s selfless nature allows him to do that many others could not, is the way he risks his life for his country. Peter knows the death of Queen Elizabeth would cause a massive uprising resulting in hundreds of casualties. So although he has no obligation to risk his life he did it without a second thought since saving the queen was for the greater good of his country; proving he consistently puts others before himself. As well as being selfless, Peter also has good morals that support virtuous actions. is upstanding morals are apparent when he chooses to assist Kit in hiding her true identity instead of turning her in out of spite. When kit inquires what he will do with the information Peter states, “i shan’t tell anyone”(85). Peter barely knows kit and what he does know he doesn’t like. Regardless of his personal feelings he helps her hide her true identity, since he knows if he blows the whistle on Kit there will be serious repercussions for her.

Another example of Peter’s selflessness is when he shows kindness towards the man who betrays and kidnaps him. I rolled him over and loosened the ruff at his throat. wanted him to be comfortable but i daren’t take any chances”(200). If his captive awakes there will be nothing preventing him from coming after Peter again. Regardless of the tricky situation Peter stays true to who he is. Has no ulterior motives behind his altruistic deeds. When the queen offers peter a boon for serving his sovereign, after his initial surprise all he asks is she returns the land which had been his and his neighbours for time immemorial.

Expected nothing in return for saving his country from utter chaos, he just did it because he believed it was the right thing to do. It takes a special kind of person to be that altruistic in a time filled with greed. Peter Brownrigg is a true hero; he constantly displays immense amounts of courage while remaining selfless in all his altruistic deeds. Think Atticus Finch, Sam Gamgee and kit kirkstone, all these classic heroes are known for their courage, selflessness and the way they save others; just like Peter Brownrigg

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