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Creative Writing: Homeless Girl Essay

Jake woke up and did his usual routine. He made his bed, brushed his teeth, got on his work clothes, and headed off in his truck. Most of the town’s folk admired Jake. Jake was a pretty wealthy man. He drove a red, shiny Ford pick-up truck that could go as fast as any other car in the town. Jake has had it for more than five years, but he always makes sure it looks good. Jake has been single his whole life single. He’s 24 and still is searching his whole life for a perfect girl. Jake doesn’t realize that this is the week he finds his perfect girl; but it’s not as he expected.

Jake headed off to work on a hot morning of June of 2012. Jake was the head of the Sand Diggers Crew. Jake lived in the Mohave Desert all his life memories were. He was in charge of several workers who put oil drills into the desert ground. As Jake was heading to the worksite, he saw something up ahead on the road. SQUEEERCH! Jake slammed on his breaks because he saw a girl; maybe in her early twenties right in front of his truck. Jake blinked but when he opened his eyes she was gone. He got out and looked around.

One of his workers pulled up with his car and said, “What’s the matter boss? ” “I could’ve sworn I saw a girl right here,” Jake relied “Well boss, you know there ain’t no one out in these deserts. ” said the worker “Here let’s have you get a drink of water. You must be dehydrated. ” Jake went and drove to the worksite. Trying to forget all that happened he thought about the girl. She was beautiful in Jake’s eyes. With her long brown hair and her smooth silky face. But the thing was, she was dirty; like a homeless woman.

Jake let the thought go. He thought it was all an illusion. The next day Jake went to work again. As the day went on he kept hearing noises. “Help ME! ‘ they’d say. “Please, Help ME! ” Jake ignored them until the girl appeared again. She stood next to one of the holes. “Hey! Watch out! ” Jake yelled at her, but it was too late. She had fallen in. Jake ran after her. He jumped in the hole after her. Jake knew that there was a very high chance that he would die. But what had he lived for. Money did not matter to him.

He had no wife, no kids, his parents were dead, and all his life he had fought the fact of suicide. As Jake fell down the hole he passed through some type of purple force field. “Was I dead already? ” Jake thought. ‘PSHH! Jake had hit the ground, and he was laying on the sandy, cold, and jagged ground; unconscious. ‘SSSSS! Jake woke up to snakes all over his body. He noticed the type. They were Desert Serpents. Very poisonous by the bite. Jake stayed still. He sat, calm and quiet. Any movement could startle the snakes. Hours passed and Jake still sat there.

Then there was a noise. It sounded as if the cave was collapsing on him. The snakes scooted off of him. Quickly, Jake got up and started running. He did not want the cave collapsing on him. “Over here! ” a voice said Jake followed the sound of the voice. Then the noise stopped. Jake stood in the middle of a large area of the cave. There were hieroglyphics all over the walls and right in front of him was the girl. But she wasn’t the same as before. As Jake watched, she turned into smoke and changed into a giant beast. The Beast had large horns and sharp teeth.

Its skin was red and its face was on fire. Jake ran. He ran as fast as he could until him and the Beast were as far away as possible. Jake ran until he could run no more. He had put much distance between him and the Beast. Jake sat there. He was exhausted and tired and all he wanted to do was be home. He didn’t care about anything else. Jake fell asleep. “Wake up,” said the voice Jake had been hearing, “wake up! ” Jake opened his eyes to see the beautiful girl standing before him. “What’s your name? ” asked Jake “Wake Up. ”

She replied What? ” Jake said Jake hadn’t noticed but she held a knife in her hand. Before he blinked, the knife was in his chest. “Wake up, Jake. ” she said forcefully Jake jumped out off the table. He had no clue where he was. It looked like some sort of lab. He had went over to the computer. He looked at the date and it said June, 2052. Where had he been for so long? But as he walked around, he saw the girl; dead on the floor, as she was in his dream. Beautiful. But she was gone; and Jake knew right then, his life was fake. This was his real life.

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