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Ozzy Osbournes music is liked by so many people because of how his lyrics deal with real life experiences. Ozzy writes a lot about what feels or what he has done. Something that has made Ozzy so popular was the fact that he doesnt care what people think. He always has done what ever he wants. These two characteristics have made Ozzy Osbourne a very popular musician in the U. S and in Europe. Like when Ozzy went to meet the big time record executives at CBS record company, his wife Sharon wanted him to make a big impression so she suggested that he release three doves when he walked into the room.

Well what ended up happening is Ozzy came into the office, sat on a womens lap at the executive table, released two doves into the air and then bite the head off the third one. Another thing helping the situation out was the fact that Ozzy had a little too much to drink that evening as usual. Another thing that Ozzy has done because of the fact that it just made him mad is that one day Ozzys wife Sharon came home one day and found Ozzy on the floor underneath the piano with a shotgun in one hand and a bloody knife in the other with seventeen dead cats all around him.

What happened is Ozzy had drank and smoked and done all kinds of drugs and he didnt like the cats to begin with so he shot and stabbed every one of them. He just didnt care if they died or not. If thats not enough for you to realize that Ozzy doesnt care about what people think then listen to this. One day Ozzy was in a very expensive motel and once again was drinking heavily, and decided to take a trip down to the bottom floor on the elevator. Well on the way down he must have had to go to the bathroom because he ended up taking a crap in the corner of the elevator.

When it got to the bottom floor and the door opened there was a bunch of people at the doors and they saw him and they were all standing there with there mouths wide open. Ozzy Osbourne was born in the small town of Birmingham England in 1948. His Father (Jack Osbourne) was a steelworker and Mother (Lillian Osbourne) worked in a plant building electronic circuits. Ozzy was the fourth of six children (2 brothers, Tony and Paul) and three sisters (Jean, Iris and Gillian). At the age of fifteen Ozzy left school and took a job as a plumbers assistant to try and help out his family money wise.

He also took many other different jobs like a toolmakers apprentice. He ended up with a job in a slaughterhouse for two years and eventually this job also ended. Ozzy found out later that he did not like working for other people so he decided to change his efforts over to crime. He eventually got caught and went to prison for a while were he gave himself the famous O-Z-Z-Y tattoo on his left knuckles and a happy face on his left knee. Eventually Ozzy got out of the criminal field and started several small bands witch failed. Like the bands Approach, Music Machine, Rare Breed, Mythology.

But he had no luck with any of these bands and ended up ditching them all. Until one day he put an add in the paper as follows “Ozzy Zig looking for band, owns own amp. ” Then he got a call from Tony Iommi and hooks up with Billy Ward, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Jimmy Phillips and Clark, witch created the band “Polka Tulk. ” The band name came from talcum powder that Ozzy found in the bathroom. This was a slow pace type of music and the band decided that people were not into that sort of thing anymore. So Jimmy Phillips and Clark quit the band.

So then the band changed there name to Earth. One day an old horror movie was playing in a local theater and the name was “Black Sabbath. ” Geezer saw this and told the band. They thought why would people pay to get the crap scared out of them? So the band changed the name to “Black Sabbath. ” And changed there image to the well-known image of todays Ozzy Osbourne. Many of Ozzys experiences come out in the lyrics of his songs. In the song “Over the Mountain” the lyrics tell you how Ozzy feels his life is going at the time that he wrote the song.

Over the mountain take me across the sky, Something in my vision, something deep inside, where did I wander, where dya think I wandered to, Ive seen lifes magic astral plane I travel through. I heard them tell me that this land of dreams was now; I told them I had ridden shooting stars and Id show them how. Over and over always tried to get away, living a daydream only place I had to stay, fever of a breakout burning in me miles wide; People around me talking to the walls inside. Dont need no astrology its inside of you and me, you dont need a ticket to fly with me Im free.

In these lyrics you can tell Ozzy was depressed and he needed a way to get out his feelings. He felt that He had promised the world to people and that he wanted to fulfill his promise. Ozzy writes most of his songs when he is in a very depressed stage in his life. In the song “Suicide Solution” Ozzy wrote it about the death of Bon Scott. He died from a drug overdose. He was one of Ozzys close friends from the band AC/DC. ” Wine is fine but whiskeys quicker suicide is slow with liquor, Take a bottle drain your sorrows then it floods away tomorrow!

Evil thoughts and evil doings cold, alone you hang in ruins, thought youd escape the reaper, you cant escape the master keeper. Cause you feel lifes unreal and youre living a lie, Such a shame whos to blame and youre wondering why, then you ask from your cask is there life after birth what you saw can mean hell on this earth, hell is on this earth. ” As Ozzy grew with His music it changed in many ways because of the fact that his life was getting better and his drug abuse was slowing down His music started to take a different approach.

It started to change from a lot of depression to things that were going on in the era he was in or things that have happened instead of things that were happening to him. Like the song “Killer of Giants. ” If none of us believe in war, then can you tell me what the weapons for, Listen to me everyone, if the button is pushed therell be nowhere to run, Giants sleeping giants winning wars within there dreams, till they wake its to late and in gods name blaspheme.

Killer of giants threatens us all, mountains of madness standing so tall marches of protest not stopping the war or the killer of giants. Mother Nature people state your case without its worth your seas run dry your sleepless eyes are turning red alert. ” In this song you can tell that he is writing about politicians as (giants) and how they arent stopping the wars and how the people try with protests but the wars still go on with or without them. Ozzy becoming a father helped him realize that his drug abuse should come to an end.

In the late eighties Ozzy went completely sober. He had previously been addicted to coke Cain and had a serious alcohol abuse problem. Ozzy had been heavily-drinking since he was thirteen. November 1984 Ozzy admitted himself into the Betty Ford clinic for rehab of drug and alcohol addiction. After getting out of rehab Ozzy becomes a father for the second time but to a baby girl. He names her Kelly Osbourne. November 8, 1985 he has a second son, Jack Osbourne. Ozzy had become a good father and a responsible parent. Later Zakk Wylde mad Ozzy his sons godfather.

Many people think that Ozzy Osbourne is a crazy wild man and do not see the man inside. At one time Ozzy did have his problems but only because of the life he had to live. His family was poor and needed money to live so Ozzy did what he could do to help out even if it did mean he had to steal. He used drugs often because of the life he lived and also because of his deep depression and state of mind. But Ozzy would not be who he is today if he had lived a different life. If his family was rich I bet he would have never started a musical career and never met Sharon.

The music of the world would have been different if this one man; Ozzy Osbourne did not live a ruff life. Ozzy Osbourne did what he had to do to get noticed by the people. He came out from the gutter and ended up at the top of his profession. When Ozzy finally did make it big he changed his whole lifestyle to meet the needs of his family. He became a good father to his children and a good husband to his wife. Ozzy Osbourne in my eyes is a man of his word and a man that people can say that they look up look up to.

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