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New Testament History and Worldview Background

Pharisees were scribes, scholars, and preachers. The Pharisees brought up a charge against Jesus and his disciples that they violated the traditions (Mark 7:5). The traditions were known as the oral law. When the Pharisees were unsure of what to do, and they needed clearer understanding, they would use the traditions and the oral law. Many positions of importance were held by the Caduceus. According to society they were considered to be high ones. Their wealth and power that they had was by controlling the temple in Jerusalem. The high priest of Sanhedrin was always a Succeed.

The Roman overlords and the Seduces had a close association, and that is how they were able to maintain their political influence. The Seduces were apposed to the practice of striking the willow on Hosanna Arabia when it fell on the Sabbath, however, the Pharisees emphasized the priority of observance on the Sabbath (Regret, 2006). The third religions party of Jews were the Essences. In 1 947 the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered and the Quean Essences were known from that. There were different divisions of Essences. The Essences were more strict and they did believe that some of the oral law was valid.

When it came to their hatred for the Romans, the Pharisees and the Essences were alike. In the first Jewish revolt they were active. Even though the Seduces were in priesthood, the Essences did not believe that it was legitimate. The Essence movement was not monolithic: it included some members who were celibate and others who led, more or less, a normal family life and owned private property (Broths, 2007), The Patriotic group were known as the Nationalists. The Nationalists were dedicated to the Jewish people for the national liberty. They were named the Zealots after the revolt n 66 AD.

When there was conflict they resisted the Roman rule of the Jews. The Jews and the government, known as the Sad success ruled that Nationalists were responsible for terrorism and killings. The Caduceus cooperated with the Romans. There was a potential solution for the problem. The Palestinians could have facilitated free choice for individuals to determine their own future. The Palestinians were far more committed to the destruction of the Jewish State rather to the construction of a Palestinian one. If a Messiah was anticipated his priority would be to help the Palestinians to e able to choose free choice to determine their own futures.

He would bring peace to Palestine and they would all worship him. There would be no more destruction and they would live in peace with each other. They would all believe in one God. The Palestinians would gain the freedom from the chains that their leaders have imprisoned them with. All four religious and political parties in Palestine precipitated in the first century revolt of the Jews against the Roman government. The Caduceus were not against the Roman rule and they got their power from the Temple and from their political connections.

The Roman Rule was not something the Pharisees, Nationalists, or the Essences were for. The Nationalists had carried their anti-Roman beliefs to the Max. The Romans and the Caduceus had acts of violence against them. Once the revolt ended, the ones who were there to rebuild Judaism were the Pharisees. Since they all had differences of what the Messiah would be it created many problems within the groups. Even though there Was a solution to the problems, they were too focused on the destruction of the Jewish state to even decided to choose free choice so they could determine their own uterus.

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