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Nba Pros And Cons

The Nba is fighting for a 2 year rule for college players who are just coming from high school going to college and they are able to one year and enter the draft . The students education should make the difference than any sport . Another problem would be the young athletes are interviewed by the media as a young athlete and the whole world is watching them. Have you ever noticed that the young players who do one year in college ,and make it to the pros end up with not a good education.

If the young players sustain a injury or even worse wouldn’t be able to play again they wouldn’t have a degree or a job . A Lot of pro scouts they look for strong ,and mental demands ,and most of the players out of high school players aren’t ready . That was a few examples that prove that graduating high school athletes and students should not be drafted directly to the pros . The early entrance to any pro sport they usually do this because they could earn a lot of money because they would be in their career longer than those who start later .

One main reason considering why the young athletes do one year because the first year of college they might exploit the market and be a high pick in the draft . One of the downfalls is the issue that the young players are not getting enough of education . The college players should be able usually need extra time to develop their skill before going to any pro sport . The critics suggest that skipping college is going to lower the quality of the sport and overall the pro sport competition . They continued to say they’re missing their whole college career.

They would lack of their fundamentals ,fundamentals are something we take for granted at the highest level . Focusing on academics also college level sports competition with allowing to develop both a person and an athlete while preparing for pro sports The problem they are having is not having a college career . If you are signed with a agent and being drafted to and being drafted to any sport you should not be able to revive a college degree . If any of the young athletes get hurt at a professional sport there is no life ending injury ,they would have to start looking for a backup job.

The rule say a athlete can fall back and revive their college degree but most of them wouldn’t do it because of how old they are. Some players who receives a college degree before entering the pros are Kobe Bryant ,Jason Kidd ,and Allen Iverson . Most of the opponents express the age limit in major sports in the US might want them to turn them to a young age . If the age limit wasn’t a rule the young athletes would worry about the energy then pursuit athletics then studying . The credits predicted that that many of the high school and college academics would also be affected for search of a contract .

The lower education will lower the quality of their education and put education last which it should be the the biggest priority . They have a lot of people that really wants to give up their studies in college and high school for a chance to get in the Nfl and Nba and other major sports ,that means something if there really thinking about doing that . Another conflict would be the issue of players skipping college and sitting on the bench for a pro team and also on a pro level . The young players should be receiving a great and awesome college experience ,and have a quality time also .

It should uncommon to see any young athlete league college early putting their education ,to compete at a professional level in the Nba ,Nfl , and any other major sport . Some people think that this is a positive more for the future for the next few generation . I think they should terminate any relationship with the agent before enrolling in any other college or even if a agent is talking to you even when you are still in college . In 1946 43 high school students were drafted in the league right after they graduated .

Another problem and issue they’re facing is the players are not mentally and physically ready for any major sport . An example would be a Nfl player and a high school player going against each other . In high school athlete would try to be as big as the nfl players they probably have to work everyday or they might just take a supplements . The last problem the young athletes would face would be their mental demands . Even if a unbelievable high school student that is strive for success just image a high school student withstanding a hard hitting 250 pound linebacker on day to day practice.

It would be hard to for the high school students to concentrate for them during drills and running in live games . Also not ready for the length of a nfl practice the a high school practice and dealing with 20-40 year old men ,and might not get lucky to start or play in a Nfl game . It’s going to be for the stressing for the young teengar to strees about his fans ,and the social media . I think that schools across the world talking to young athletes about the situation and the consequences you see f you thinking about doing that .

Another conflict they could see is the poor education level for the students . It would be unfair a disadvantage for a 19 year kid that just graduated out of high school to go against a 28 year old player who is much bigger than him had more knowledge than the high school student it’s unfair . Another reason is while the high school student that skipped college is on the bench but he /or she could have been starting for its college . The unpreparedness for the physical and their mental demands for the pro level .

I think the student need to grow in the sport and also as a man /or as a women . This rule would improve the young players ,and the players thinking of doing that ,make the league stronger and smarter people going in the league at their young age . A Lot of the young players problem never had millions of dollars so if they sign contract they probably blow all of their money and eventually go broke . If the students would see the issue and the problem they would possible regret the choice of going straight to any major sport .

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