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West Germany became a parliamentary democracy. Berlin Airlift C] During the Cold War the Soviet Union put a blockade in place in hopes that West Berlin would need to start relying on the Soviets for necessities, basically putting all the power into their hands. Allies organized Airlift to carry supplies to West Berlin. When the Soviets failed and lifted the blockade, East and West Germany were created. Night of the Long Knives D a night when there was a series of political murders, Hitler turned against the AS and Room and has them all killed. As a result the AS is broken and continues only as a ceremonial group.

AS becomes the new powerhouse of the Nazi state. Hitler wanted to purge the regime of anyone who criticized him presently or in his past. Triumph Of The Will C propaganda film of the Nazi party from the Numerous rally. It has speeches from Hitler and other party members. The entire underlying theme is the return of Germany as a great power. The Nazis used mass meetings, referred to a “new order” placed emphasis on the young people. It also attempts to present Hitler and the party as agents Of peace, awe, and order “People’s Own Enterprises” (EVE) C] legal form for state-owned industrial and service enterprises in East Germany.

Trade unions now had the task of bringing wages into line with the performance of the workers. Stressed high production quotas for heavy industry and increased labor productivity. In actuality the product quality went down. Numerous Laws L] anti-Semitic laws announced at the annual Numerous Rally. Took on the task of defining who was Jewish. People with three or four Jewish grandparents as Jews. Four German grandparents made you German. One or t-van. O Jewish grandparents made one a crossbreed or “mixed blood These laws deprived Jews of German citizenship and prohibited marriage between Jews and other Germans.

Also led to Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses. Numerous Trials many people from Wannabes Conference used the defense “All I did was follow my orders. ” It was the only combined Ally effort for trials Of Nazi war criminals. Allied zones each developed their own forms of punishment. There were problems when it came to the definition of a war crime. The trials were for Germany going against foreign countries. America soused of “De-Magnification” and had people fill out forms, be interviewed and then classified. Charlatanic C] “Crystal Night” or the “Night of Broken Glass” AS carried out against Jews.

It included the destruction of thousands of Jewish businesses and synagogues. More than 100 Jews were killed, others were beat and wounded by plain-clothes AS and AS members. It was done to look like a massive uprising against the Jews Annexation of Austria 1938 (Unclasps) C the Austrian people voted to move under German control. Hitler and troops marched in at Braun and were welcomed enthusiastically. War Against Poland and France D Hitter’s foreign policy worked to weaken ties between Poland and France. Invasion of Poland sparked the outbreak of the war.

Germany and Poland divided and annexed the whole of Poland. Britain and France declared war on Germany two days after the invasion of Poland. Hitler wanted all German speaking areas under German rule. By gaining so much territory so fast, Germany becomes economically stronger. Hitler was over-confident and quickly moved from short to long term goals Wannabes Conference 0 meeting of top-ranking Nazi officials on how the Jewish policy can be changed. The killing squads and current policy was insufficient and they needed to make a decision on the systematic elimination of 12 million European Jews.

It allowed the authorized creation of extermination camps with the primary purpose of state murder, not long- term incarceration. Defeat of Nazi Germany C] Germany can’t keep up with other countries high tech equipment. The two front war become a three front war (south Italy, east Russia, west France) Holocaust was the main priority. The rail cars were not used for supplies but rather to ship people to death camps. The war in Russia: Germans were dressed in summer clothes and not prepared for a winter war. Allies had strategic bombing of German cities.

Allied Occupation Zones ; there was a power vacuum of empty space in central Europe. It was divided between Soviets and the 4 Allied Powers. Germany faced a new food problem because it was reduced to smaller borders ad lost 25% of their farmland. The German infrastructure was poor, there was no way for food to reach the cities because bombs destroyed the roads. Allies wanted a self-reliant Germany, but not a powerhouse, for fear of WI. Allies fear the entrance Of Communism West Germany’s “Economic Miracle” D rapid reconstruction of sustained economic growth. Reduced unemployment.

There was a building boom pertaining to infrastructure. Living standards rose, people lived comfortably for the first time in the post-war years. SEED C East German Communist Party. Marxist-Leninist ideology. No free or fair elections. Soviet pressure was underlying. Essentially a communist party. June 1 953 Uprising 0 uprising in East Germany. EGG was not in a good position to suppress the uprising so they called on the Soviets for help. Hard to bring uprisings under control. First group to strike was constructions workers from East Berlin who heard their pay would be cut if they did not meet the work quota.

Berlin Wall Construction CLC barrier constructed by East Germany that cut off West Berlin from East Germany and East Berlin. Known as the “Iron Curtain” meant to prevent emigration. Between 100-200 people killed over time for attempting to escape. 1989 wall comes down and paves way for German reunification Erich Honker D long time leader of East Germany. In charge of building the Berlin Wall. Improved living conditions, built new houses, and the availability of consumer goods. Advocate of socialism. “Stipulation C “Eastern Policy’ tried to be like the U.

S. But it was a sovereign state, not an actual nation. They recognized East Germany. Agreed to not interfere with West Berlin. Increased trade and treaties. Process of German Reunification 0 two weeks after fall of Berlin Wall. 10-point program to expand their cooperation toward eventual reunification. Economic merger (Deutsche Mark became official money). Treaty was signed. Revised the “Basic Law. ” Christi-Maria Island D actress, girlfriend of Drayman, pill popper, is basically being threatened and forced to have sex with Minister Hemp.

Stops going to see Hemp, Hemp tells Grubbier that she is taking illegal medication, and says he never wants to see her on stage again. She is brought in for questioning and breaks down and is asked who writes the article in the paper, Wiggler interviews her and she spills where the typewriter is hidden. She becomes an informant. Runs in front off bus and dies. Geri Wiggler L] Stasis member, watches and listens to the bugs in Dairyman’s apartment. Tells Island that a lot of people love her. He does not turn in Drayman sneaking a dude into the country.

Removes the typewriter before the Stasis can go to the apartment to get it. Works in the mail room from now George Drayman 0 “Laszlo” playwright. Has his apartment bugged. His friend Jersey hangs himself. Drayman knows Island is sleeping with someone and begs her not to go to him. Writes an article published in a magazine. Hides typewriter in a floorboard. Miriam D Charlie 0 Julia 0 Hagen Koch O Klaus Rent O Frau Grids Paul CLC Essay: Select eight major turning points in Modern German history (1871 -present) hat you feel were truly decisive in shaping the country’s history.

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