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Media’s Influence On Body Image And The Media Research Paper

The media promotes an unhealthy body image that is damaging to both society as a whole and individuals. As a whole to individuals ,promoting an unhealthy body image,and damaging to society makes people feel less of themselves. According to these critiques the combination of two trends, the technology enabled media saturation of the american public and the promotion by this media of highly unattainable body types (Gerald Wagner). “While mass media has been subject to the strongest social critique about factors leading to eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorders.

Clinical researchers have begun to document the consequences of relentless exposure to such imagery of different stereotypes of body images. The american media has played an increasingly powerful role since the mid twentieth century in creating idealized body image of beauty. Body image and media, is the mental image and individual holds to his or her own physical appearance in which he or she represents the way others perceive themselves. Nature factor and genetics connects to eating disorders.

Self esteem seems to be another factor in which things are kind of shaky because many people in society are not so happy with their appearance. “Individuals with eating disorders often cite stress due to low self esteem. Researchers have noticed a strong raise to low self-esteem many factors such as the nature factor and genetics and the nature factor and physiology. Since media has spreaded their has been a broad situation on how it’s impacting people in their life. Media is the print and electronic vehicle for the mass dissemination of information or entertainment. Media includes agazines, newspaper, and book publishing.

Such as film, radio, television and recording industries. It’s driving the public’s perception of ideal body image has been influential since the early twentieth century, although the ideals themselves have evolved overtime. It gave rise to a boyishly,narrow hipped,and flat chested ideal feminine body image (Geraldine). Due to body image and media it’s been a widespread of people changing their body image in many factors. Some felt that being slim and narrow hipped was a style but it’s really just as everyone is walking around looking alike.

According to critics of that trend is that “glamorization of gaunt” has led many girls and women to unhealthy and unrealistic body perseverance. Now in society many teenage girls of this current generation wants to be barbie dolls wearing weave different hair color finest outfits etc. Researchers have found out that many people suffer from starving themselves to have the perfect body appearance many wants their body to look amazingly good trying to have the perception image of a celebrity.

Some individuals are influenced a great ideal body image and men women,teens would spend millions of dollars each year on products. The products are supposed to help them attain their unattainable bodies that they currently have. Many would try to go on diets to build their body to reasonable limit. From my understanding a lot of people are trying to maintain the perfect body image and it’s causing them to have eating disorder, trying the best that they can to look fabulous. Air brushing and plastic surgery is unhealthy for the human body.

A study has been linked handiness to emphasis on why many people want to be like models and men want to be tall and muscular but women and girls are looking to be super thin and a little curvy on the other hand. Media really has affected sociey many teens wants to walk around with with curves and slim , different hair color and the hottest fashions that are out now it kind of complicated because some are depicted amognst how others look and begin to follow the crowd. Compulsive behavior, eating disorders, depression and anxiety are the very big roles in society.

Instead of being like themselves they want to be and look as others are. People should really consider their self beautiful how they are made because some are trying to hard especially when it comes to eating they will starve themselves it causes stress etc amongst them and it could really kill them. Society has complained about it and they have many concerns. Some black oriented television shows may serve a protective function of higher body satisfaction. Young men seem to be more negatively influenced by the the media than adolescent boys are affected.

Now in society the media has took over teens widely spreaded to have a different mind function they’re basically in the fantasy world. Anorexia nervosa, body dysmorphia, bulimia nervosa and muscle dysmorphia are other factors of the body image. In conclusion the topic body image & the media is clearly explaining how the media has took over and impacted our society today. How many people are trying to look exactly like supermodels and celebrities. I think people should try being themselves because everyone is beautiful they way that they’re made to be and nothing shouldn’t change their mindset among how they look at all.

Self esteem also really plays a big part in how people are unhappy with their body. My point of view media has damaged individuals ,society as a whole and it’s an unhealthy promotion to many people in society today. There are many complaints to the way the media is impacting many people in modern day. Eating disorders, anxiety, depression, compulsive behavior has really ruined many people today. There has been a divided estimated time frame between how much people try to be such as how the media is in the portrayal of reality and human beings with their body image and media.

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