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Lychee Lou: Case Study Essay

For example a customer could object, “This is a really nice jacket, I’ll come back later,” an appropriate response from a salesperson from Lychee Lou would be, “This one has been one of our best sellers, we’ve sold out of it once already and I foresee it selling out again,” this statement encourages the customer to buy the jacket because now he/she is convinced it may go out of stock. It is important to listen carefully to the customer’s complaints so the customer feels as though he/she is being heard.

Listening carefully includes being attentive, maintaining eye contact, and to let the customer speak. Acknowledging the objections demonstrates that the salesperson understands and cares about the customer’s concerns. “I really like the style of this jacket, but I’m concerned with how it fits in the sleeves,” is a product related objection. A salesperson could say, “I can understand your concerns, you feel that it is too tight in the sleeves, can I suggest another jacket with the same style? ” This way the customer has choices.

A “I really like this bathing suit, although I don’t enjoy this color,” is an objection that a customer could offer because he/she is hesitant to buy. A salesperson at Lychee Lou could say, “I understand your hesitations, would you be interested if I found the bathing suit in a different color? ” Another objection is time, “I think I’ll wait until your July summer sale to buy this bathing suit,” this is a time related objection. A salesperson can reply, “Yes, it will be cheaper then, although you won’t get as much use out of it then. You will be getting your money’s worth if you purchase it earlier.

Paraphrasing customer’s concerns, makes it seem as though the salesperson is listening enough to take the customer’s words and restating them. “These sandals are uncomfortable to walk in,” Is a complaint the customer could have with a product. A trained salesperson would counter the complaint by answering, “Other customers have expressed the same concern, but later return saying the sandal gets more comfortable the longer you wear it. ”

By including other reviews and concerns from previous customers makes salesperson seem empathetic. I like these sandals, but they’re too expensive,” this is a price related objection. A salesperson should not take offense to avoid coming across rude, the salesperson should say something along the lines of, “yes, we are more expensive than some stores because of our dedication to quality. ” This makes the store look better because not only are the employees friendly, but also seem interested in the happiness of the customer. Buying signals are things customers do or say to indicate a readiness to buy. Buying signals include facial expressions, body language, and comments.

The ability of a salesperson to detect a customer’s readiness to buy is related to a salesperson’s ability to sale. A salesperson must be flexible when attempting to close sales due to the variety of customers. For example, one customer may be ready to buy right away where as some customers can spend hours making a decision. Two types of closes salespeople in Lychee Lou use are trial closes and which closes. A trial close is an initial effort to close a sale. Even if the close does not work, the salesperson will learn from the attempt.

For example, a salesperson might ask, “Can I get you rang up? ” Although the customer may not be ready to close the sale, the salesperson learns from the attempt. A which close encourages a customer to make a decision between two items. Follow the general rules for closing a sale and remove unwanted items to bring the selection down to two. For example, the salesperson might ask, “which one do you prefer? ” This speeds up the buying process and helps the customer come to a decision. Suggestion selling is selling additional goods or services to the customer.

It involves selling customers other items that will ultimately save time and money or make the original purchase more enjoyable. A jacket is typically worn in colder months or late at night when the temperature. A salesperson at Lychee Lou could use suggestion selling to sell a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans that can be worn during cold temperatures. The customer benefited by having several pieces to make one outfit or several pieces. The salesperson benefits by gaining personal satisfaction due to pleasing the customer. The business benefits by receiving a good reputation from the customer.

A swimming suit can be worn at a beach or a swimming pool. Whether one is going on a vacation or just spending a day at the beach, a salesperson at Lychee Lou can use suggestion selling to sell a swimming suit cover and a beach bag. The swimming suit cover gives the outfit a fun look, but conveys a sophisticated look. The matching flip flops complete the look to any poolside/beachside outing. Sandals are usually worn in the warm months of summer. The customer has now benefited by owning a complete summer ensemble. The salesperson has benefited the commission from the sale.

The business benefited by having fewer expenses by suggestion selling. A salesperson from Lychee Lou can use suggestion selling to sell a swimming suit and a beach bag. The swimming suit compliments the sandals for a summer ensemble and the beach bag is a necessity to carry sunscreen and reading material. The customer now has the luxury of having a beach-ready outfit. The salesperson has the benefit of being viewed as an effective salesperson. The business has the benefit of earning new customers. Working as a cashier, one will handle all types of sales transactions.

A cash sale is a transaction in which the customer pays for the purchase with cash. A check sale is when one writes a check and a salesperson possibly needs to verify the customer’s identity. A debit sale is when a customer uses an encrypted code or pin identification number to transfer funds from his/her account to the merchant’s account. A credit card sale is when an amount of money is charged to an account. At Lychee Lou, cashiers handle credit, debit, and cash sales. Lychee Lou accepts returns and exchanges after seven days of purchase. At Lychee Lou, cashiers use electronic cash registers.

An electronic cashier figures sales tax, calculates discounts, subtracts and credits returns, determines the amount due back to the customer, tracks inventory, automatically records stock. Lychee Lou uses two different ways to enter sales transactions. Optical scanning is when the cashier drags a product across a scanner and the bar code is read. In instances when the optical scanning does not work or the code cannot be read, the sales transactions must be entered manually. By using the keypad on the cash register, a cashier must manually type the code into the cash register.

Lychee Lou uses the electronic cash register because it’s fast, meaning that customers are able to check out in a timely manner. An electronic cashier is simple to use, therefore it does not take long for new cashiers to be trained on one. Lychee Lou is a small business and does not need dozens of cash registers thus Lychee Lou’s needs of a cash register (completing transactions) are met. Due to the fact that Lychee Lou is a small business, all other cash registers are unnecessary for Lychee Lou to conduct business.

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