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Thomas Cook Customer Service Analysis

Detailed explanation of the principles of customer service

Principles of good customer service is very important to give excellent customer service and to make the customer want to return the importance of customer service is to ensure the needs and wants of customers are met by the organisation, meeting customer expectations and ensuring satisfaction. Customer service aims to provide support and the best experience to a customer through actions that are taken by the seller.

This includes actions taken before, during, and after the actual transaction or delivery of service Every customer is important.Each customer should be welcomed and perfectly serviced. When dealing with customers the organisation should always be polite, communicative, open and cooperative the organisation should also show professionalism and the customer is always offered only the best and most appropriate products and services.

Quality customer service can assist thomas cook in achieving a competitive advantage within the industry by providing quick efficient and friendly service to the customer this is an advantage to thomas cook as this will improve their profits and customers will return and spread the word customer service is very important in the travel industry.

Meet and exceed customer expectations

Thomas cook exceed customer service by meeting the needs and wants of their customers thomas cook meet expectations by the level of their products they offer the level and the efficiency of their service thomas cook go over and above what is expected and pre empting customer needs and solving problems quickly thomas cook exceed customer expectations as they have a wide range of products for their customers thomas cook will also meet and exceed customer expectations by suggesting local and nearby bars and restaurants that are in the chosen holiday destination by the customer.

Anticipate customer needs and wants

Thomas cook provide great customer care getting to know their customers and anticipating their needs and wants this is done through customer satisfaction surveys online forums and on websites such as trip advisor this gives thomas cook a better understanding of their customer wants and needs thomas cook monitor their performance and endeavour to eliminate problems.

Locate product/services in the right place at the right time

Thomas cook promote their product through advertising at the right places for example on billboards at popular places thomas cook offer a price match guarantee if a customer finds the same holiday cheaper they will refund the difference thomas cook use marketing strategies to ensure they are targeting the right customers at the right time and place and to offer the best price possible.

Provide enough well trained staff

Thomas cook offer extensive training programmes for their staff to enhance knowledge of their products and services they ensure their workforce is highly skilled they offer training on specific job related issue examples of these are courses on animal welfare,training for kidsworld,and also training at the thomas cook academy which includes training on managing time effectively this helps motivate staff thomas cook has staff bonus schemes, rewards and appraisals aiming them to be the best in the business.

Establish rapport/relationships secure repeat business

Thomas cook establish rapport/relationships with their customers by taking the time to get to know them on a one to one basis this is important as it makes the customer feel listened to travel agents for thomas cook would be the first point of contact for customers and therefore it is important for them to be able to establish the relationship quickly and gaining the customers trust this will in turn secure the booking and repeat business staff need to be helpful friendly and approachable thomas cook also offers a live chat service this is helpful to customer if they feel they need to speak to someone thomas cook will email customers to let them know of great holiday prices.

Enhance reputation

Thomas cook enhance their reputation by sponsoring local football teams they also have a charity called thomas cooks children’s charity the aim of the charity is to help improve children’s lives and it benefits the local communities this enhances their reputation as it shows that thomas cook give back to the community and making a difference.

Offer value for money

Thomas cook offer value for money by offering different options on holidays and budgets.

Aim for the feel good factor

Thomas cook aim for the feel good factor with their customers offering reward points for their loyalty these can be spent on array of rewards this encourages the customer to keep returning and also to spread the word to friends and family gaining thomas cook more customers.

Motivate staff to aim for excellence

Thomas cook offers incentive schemes to all employees encouraging them to commit to their role. Pension schemes are offered a great way of saving for their retirement. Thomas cook offer commission on sales made by the employee and offers discounts on holidays.thomas cook offer free yearly insurance to their staff this will help motivate the staff.

Thomas cooks mission statement

Exceptional service from exceptional people this statement means that thomas cook will take personal responsibility for achieving the mission pursuing excellence in everything they aim to achieve displaying honesty and trust with their customers and delivering an outstanding service to them recognising and respecting their wants and needs at all times.

Aims and objectives

Thomas cook aims to keep doubling their profits every year by offering the best services and products. Thomas Cook aims ‘for zero breaches of the ABTA code and continue to improve the business and put their customer at the heart of everything they do. Thomas cook aim to have more customers booking holidays with them.

Thomas cooks objectives

Thomas cooks core values

put Our Heart Into It: We seek feedback and act on it. We challenge the status quo and continually look for ways to make things better. We’re proactive to anticipate customers’ needs. Wear Their Flip-Flops: We listen carefully to understand what’s required. We’re solution focused and strive for the best outcome. We focus on the little things that make a big difference. We’re One Thomas Cook: We’re open and honest and act with integrity. We take ownership and deliver what we’ve promised. We work as one Thomas Cook team.

Thomas cook proud values

Pioneering its future In Thomas Cook the culture that is encouraged is of improvement. Nobody should fear taking on ownership and enhancing every opportunity that is thrown their way. Learning from their past mistakes and making the future most profitable is also one of their virtue.

Results orientated, thomas cook aim to get the best results in the industry

Obsessed with customer service t Thomas cook is always working on making their service better. Their main focus is their customers and take feedback very seriously,this will ensure customers come back United as one team

Swot analysis for thomas cook

Strengths thomas cook is known all over the world for package holidays Financially successful They have a very good image they differentiate on price and brand Seen as innovative and flexible company Have a very strong e business


Thomas cooks own success makes it harder to recruit and train staff quickly enough Confusion and lack of identification of other Thomas Cook brands e.g. Club 18-30. High volume costs High capital expenditure, such as marketing expenses, data processing costs and human resources.


Experts predict great potential for future growth in the next few years More full service airlines could withdraw from the regional market to focus on more profitable long haul routes leaving the market to low cost operators Growing demand worldwide


Competition is fierce Terrorism Climate change

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