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In The Novel The Joy Luck Club By Amy Tan, The Ign

In the novel “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan, the ignorance, the =

disregard of, and the necessity of love are all introduced as the =

characters tell their life stories and memories.  The characters in “The =

Joy Luck Club” take love for granted.=20

By ignoring love, concentrating more on material possessions, and =

hiding their true identities, the characters don’t realize loves =

importance. One character that takes love for granted is Harold, Lena =

St. Clair’s husband. This occurs when Lena leans over to him in their =

car and states “I love you.” He responds by asking Lena a question about =

his car, which seems to be more important to him than his relationship =

with her. Harold does not realize the importance of love. He only thinks =

about material possessions. By Harold not revealing his true nature, he =

reveals that he has a lack of love for himself as an individual. The =

love of yourself is a necessity in life because it provides =

self-respect; if one respects oneself, one will respect and love others. =

The story of Lindo Jong provides insight into the concept of revealing =

your true nature. To “keep everything inside” as does Lindo Jong, =

provides for not being able to experience love to its fullest. Lindo =

Jong hides “under a red!

marriage scarf” in attempt to shield herself from the outside world.  By =

hiding under the scarf, she demonstrates that to be able to love, you =

must be able to first reveal your true nature. Ying-Ying St. Clair =

stands as an example of the desire to remain hidden as she says, “All =

these years I kept my true nature hidden, running along like a small =

shadow so nobody could catch me.” The image of the shadow relates =

directly to the red marriage scarf. They both attempt to provide the =

concealment of their true natures, because the result of revealing your =

true self may be that of “pain”. The importance of love goes unnoticed =

as the characters take love for granted and expect it to naturally come =

to them. The ceasing of taking love for granted does occur later and has =

its results and consequences.=20

The characters realize that they are taking love for granted when they =

feel meaningless and uncomfortable, and stop doing so by either ending =

the relationship or confronting the problem. By not taking love for =

granted and realizing “there’s absolutely nothing left to save” in her =

marriage, Rose Hsu Jordan recognizes that she must divorce her husband. =

Rose Hsu Jordan does not feel comfortable with her life and feels that =

she is living under false pretences. She comprehends that she is not =

what she continually pretends to be. Therefore, she stops taking love =

for granted and ignoring it, and instead moves on to a better, more =

comfortable life with a feeling of being needed. Lindo Jong compares =

love to a hill and as to heaven. This hill symbolizes the steps that she =

must take to truly attain love and enter heaven, her comparison to =

happiness and a comfortable lifestyle. Love proves hard to attain but =

Lindo Jong learns to embrace it and accept it as best she can.=20

The “pained feeling” at the “beginning of love” provides insight into =

the revelation of the true nature of the character. This pained feeling, =

the lifting of the scarf or the shadow, opens the door to the true =

nature of the character. This love provides better understanding and a =

better love of your own character. It makes the people more comfortable =

with themselves and makes them feel important, needed, and loved. =20

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