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Humanities Through the Arts

I found the Giotta, Madonna Enthroned painting to be the most interesting because the power and love the painting displays. The personal values in this particular painting, such as the colors caught my eye because; the colors in this painting are almost bronzed. To me bronzed shows heroism. A very rich colored painting with the golden brown colors mixed with some blues and deeper browns, and just a touch of red gives this particular painting character. It also shows how old this painting is.

Another way color works in this painting is the dark, bold, black gown that is being worn on Madonna stands out and shows power as a mother. The child on her lap in this painting has a bold face stare just as the mom does. Showing how serious and disciplined it was in those times between mother and child. The prophets in the painting are surrounding the mother and child and looking up at the two prophets holding crowns. They seem to almost be looking up in prayer. There are two angels kneeling at the bottom of the throne. The angels show how holy and sacred the mother and child are together.

The angels are protecting and watching over. I see equality in this painting and I also see prestige and honor. The subject matter or furnishings of this painting by Giotto, Madonna Enthroned, is here, rather than hereafter. Showing prayer and authority with the crowns and the baby on their lap, these particular paintings subject matter is one of holy and sacred closeness. The content or meaning created by the relationship between form and subject matter is clearly Christian. Religious feeling is not as strong in this one painting, as it is in two others in the book, by Cimabue and Coppo.

It is almost as though the mother in the painting, Madonna, shows independence by the look on her face and the stare in her eyes, so the sacred angels and prophets will no longer be in control. The human values this painting represents are the bond between mother and child. The value of a bond and the love shared among those around them. These values relate to my personal values because I can relate to the bond between two loved ones. The values of the current time period from them till now are not much different between Christian moms and children. The practice of religion and prayer are two similar aspects in today’s society.

The second painting I chose, is the painting created by, Francisco Goya, The Prado, Madrid. I found this painting to be the least interesting or appealing to me. I was not able to relate much to this painting because of the time in when it took place. The wars and executions show survival, yes. But, also fighting and hatred and that is not anything that I can relate to. The personal values such as color in the painting were very dark and drab. Showing darkness in the painting could refer to how the men being executed may have felt. The deep grays and black colors are in this painting and what looks like blood underneath bodies is red.

The flickering lantern shines bright on the men to be executed. The interpretation of the people in this painting is that of prisoners and soldiers. The men about to be executed seem to be on their knees with arms in the air, just kneeling there hopeless, and powerless probably frightened to death. Some men are burying their faces because they do not want to see what is coming. The subject matter of Goya’s painting is simply one word, execution or death. The men that are going to be executed have nowhere to go, the mountain behind them shows us that they are trapped and are for sure going to be executed.

The content or interpretation of Goya’s painting created by the relationship between form and subject matter is a setting of back in wartime. The event that takes place in this specific painting is only shooting and execution, also Terrified prisoners and bold, powerful, soldiers that have executed already and are about to execute more bodies. The human value represented here is very low moral values. Although back in war times and executions this is an example of, gore and terrified human beings with nowhere to run or go. These values relate to my own personal values with no common interests at all.

This painting of Goya’s represents death, hatred, war and survival. My personal values are brighter and are much more established. The values of the current time period can’t be related only because we are not in a time of war and execution. Some states carry out execution by means of the death penalty but not even that is as morbid and gory as this painting. In concluding my two paintings I selected. I feel there is no comparison at all between the two. The first painting of Madonna represents piece and stability. Goya’s painting represents only that of fear and death.

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