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Human Cloning Essay Examples

Science has come along way since the dawn of our era.  The break throughs and discoveries in the modern medical and technical fields are amazing.  Computers are another advance in modern science and technology.  People use computers to type papers, play games, and use the internet among many other things.  Computers can also be used for science.  Formulas that may fail or be very expensive if tried physically, can easily be tested using a computer.  After successfully cloning a sheep, man now feels the possibilities for genetic engineering are endless.  After creating a living, breathing creature, what is to prevent scientists from creating a human?  Greed, religion, and power are the biggest negatives against man playing god.

Money is said to be the root of all evil, a statement that could very well be proven correct if the genetic cloning of a human being were allowed.  The first company to develop the correct technology to properly clone and grow a human would have exclusive rights to it.  The price of making a clone would be determined solely by that company.  The balance of power would be entirely in the favor of the company that made human cloning possible, and that spells chaos for the rest of the world.  Consumers wishing to use or purchase the technology would have to abide by every rule and restriction made by the parent company.  Too much power in one individuals hands is never a good thing, and that scenario seems very apparent in this situation.  Power corrupts people in a way that is inexplicable, a good example would be an Olympian winning a gold metal in his or her respective sport.  They suddenly realize that they are better than all the other competition and that they are indeed the best in the world.  Then of course they will want to show of their achievements by gloating and bragging about what theyve done and trying to show people that they could very well and easily do it again.  The problem with this is that when they try to accomplish their feat again, they are unable to, and the world is disappointed and in trouble at the same time.  All the money that was invested in the software and technology will be lost and wasted.  Human cloning could be a one hit wonder.

Many religions believe that god put mankind on the earth.  Genetic engineering challenges the beliefs of much of the world, in that man is playing the role of god by creating living, breathing organisms.  A sheep has already been created by using the dna of a living sheep.  One of the only things standing in sciences way from cloning a human is religion.  Most religions believe that god made things the way they were meant to be according to that particular religion, but no matter what the belief of that religion says, human cloning would go against it.  Judaism believes that god created everything, and that god is everything, no where does it state that man has the power to take the genetic reigns and build a carbon based form of life.  Scientists however, feel that the world is relatively up for grabs, and the person able to unlock the code, holds the key to being a god.

Human cloning could easily become the next big thing since computers.  The person or people that come up with the technology that makes human cloning possible own and have all the rights to the technology; the power belongs solely to that person or group of people.  Power corrupts the mind.  The corruption that is waiting to take place in the underworld of human cloning is huge.  Regulations need to be made well before the software goes public.  The government needs to know what kind of regulatory actions need to be taken against the field of human cloning so monopolies will not form and power will not ruin the industry.  The field of human cloning is already volatile, as many companies and research laboratories are working furiously to develop a way to clone a human being.  The company that cracks the code first is the obvious winner, getting all the copyrights and trademarks, along with all the money and corporate power.  The power awarded to the winner of the genetic race is near godly, with profits that would most likely exceed the account of Bill Gates.  The scientists attributed with making human cloning possible would become the most powerful person in the world.

Greed, religion, and power are three negative points against human genetic engineering.  The possibilities for problems are far too large for the government to allow this research to go on.  The room for error is oversized and if something bad were to happen, chaos would likely soon follow.  Human cloning should not be allowed.

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