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How Do You Agree Or Disagree That Young Teens Should Be Sentenced Life In Prison Essay

I personally disagree that young teens should be sentenced life in prison without parole, because their teenage brains haven’t reach the maturity level like adults. They will not have the help they need to become a changed man behind bars. No whatsoever education will be provided for them once their incarcerated. Majority of the Juveniles become violent,because of the environment they live in. That why experts Disagree on these statement as well. Over the past years researchers have study that teens don’t have the Same mind as adult.

Meaning that the brain is like a puzzle and over the years the puzzle will be completed once they reach that age of maturity. However in order for the Maturity to be a total success you will have to be living a good and safe environment. Saying if the teen is sent to an adult prison at a young age with whatever crime they commit the child won’t have high and respectful standards, because he or she will be around violence and abuse. Therefore the more brutality the Juveniles observer the more their brain will function with cruel and harsh things to do to someone or something.

That’s why ‘’Paul Thompson a professor at University of California Los Angeles, school of Medicine has research many cases like these of brain-tissue of teens actions and emotions are not fully developed’’. If a minor is sent to a prison they will have no type of educated knowledge. He or She will be on their own and they won’t have no supervision from an adult 24/7.

That why I believe it’s best to sent these teens to a Juvenile Center that way for one they won’t be incarcerated in a same jail cell with an adult inmate and still have a pportunity to get some education of how to leave the violence behind and have a brighter future. That why ‘’Gail Garinger a court judge believes that teens cannot be classified as worst offenders if they are less mature, more vulnerable to peer pressure, cannot escape from dangerous environments, and their characters are still in formation’’. These is why a Juvenile Center is much better than a adult prison, because they are not truly considered as an adult if they haven’t reached those stages to be Considered as one.

They just need some type of education and help to make them a hanged human being. However all of these would have never happened if the child wasn’t living in a bad atmosphere. Some the reasons why minors turn out so cruel and violent amongst others is, because they didn’t have the bestest family. There was probably always some type of cruelty amongst the couple around the kids supervision, sometimes it was the kid that suffer the brutality or even it was something they watched in the television. Like a fifthteen-year-old claimed of mimicking a T. V. show of two girls robbing a bank.

As you can see minors can develop quickly on what they see and hear hat why, because of these on June 25,2012 Justice Elena Kagan, stated that ‘’Mandatory life without parole for juveniles was breaking the Eighth Amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment’’. Which meant its not the teens fault for the immaturity, and the impetuosity problems that were going around them during their aging. The parents where the one held responsible to set an example to teach their child how to grow up and live a healthy and respectful life, but sadly some parents failed to do so.

Therefore because of their failure teenagers grow up to become a massive danger mongst others and themselves and end up killing someone. They have so much anger,emotions and frustration going through their heads of the way their parents or someone treated them and they want to apply these anger to someone with a lethal weapon to see if these will make them feel better. However it doesn’t it just make them feel guilty, because of their actions depending on what state they committed the crime and the judge they received in court most of the times they sent the poor child 20 or 30 years in prison depending how severe the crime is.

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