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Harry Potter Stereotypes Essay

Hey I’m a wizard! I wonder if I can be consider a magical creature too. The human’s anatomy itself is regard in a certain way that fit in the magical category. From a my perspective, most strangest and fascinating factor of a human body stems from its comprised biological systems which created is by a magical forces (that is camouflaged with scientific terms to keep the world from knowing the truth) that has already been precoded to do a certain functions throughout the body. Another key point is that it only fully understood by a fair medium mass of people in the world.

I can already imagine living the wizardry life. Magical walking and talking cat as my familiar and that whole magical adventure started with a stranger knocking on my pleasant home in the “real world” to tell me, that indeed I was right – “Jennifer, you’re a witch! ” said the stranger on my porch. I can imagine how J. K rowling envision and portrayed the realm of magic as a “world where equal opportunity among sexes is a given” and so that I as a female would not face the things/events in which people take my gender and regards it as lower than their own (Gladstein).

In “Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secret” by J. K Rowling, the development of a gender, race and the other brought in realistic vision of today and how today may be without the closely examine prejudiced and judgemental views people make towards each other. Examining the define characteristics society have label people using biologically information and the study of a gender naturel behaviors leads me to believe that the world is causing its own downfall by setting unfair limitations. J.

K rowling establish a neutral ground for both gender and it made it difficult find gender roles that are defined without blending the idea with roles of as a person with responsibilities which pertain to a profession, for example Mrs Weasley as a Mother and Professor Lockhart as a narcissist Professor. I found this revelation clarified in another work of literature which help me understand why the magical world, specifically places like Hogwarts and Diagon Alley, shows less concern about a gender acting against something in that the “real world” or the “muggles” world and would result on being frown upon.

The idea of equal rights is still a pressing matter that the real world struggles to grasp and handle, however, the development of social responsibilities (an extension of gender) is generally being accepted as versatile for both gender to possesed. J. K Rowling incorporates the nature of race by elaborating on the terms she creates to label different type of species and their sub-categories. The different division on being a organism in “Harry Potter” are represented in terms of muggle or magic.

That main units are then divided into their subunits: muggles and how non-magic people (the real society) has established with the continuous development in their world while the magic separates into species such as ghost, elf, spiders, wizard/witches (further into pureblood, mudblood, and squib) and others. A creation of a hierarchy is established using the social responsible the different race perceived themselves to abide by — willingly and unwillingly.

I found this aspect to be interesting as though Rowling is developing a world of equal rights for gender it doesn’t necessarily pertain to other magical race that’s deem to be of lower rank. Dobby, an enslaved elf, has characteristics of submissiveness as well as being an intelligent creature as he finds a way to communicate with Harry, however, despite his nature of being a good heart elf it doesn’t protect him from getting abuse from his “master” as it socially structures in the magical world as so. Similar to an illustration of a family portrait that represent a family structure that starts from parent to their pets.

Harry potter’s role is depicted with his inability to fully be comfortable with his status as “the boy who lived,” that causes him to gain a spotlight as a miracle child who would save them (the magical world) from “he-who-must-not-be-named. ” He is view as a person in a different league due to a past event that he has no recollection of and yet everyone around him does to his peer and teachers – Though Professor Lockhart viewed him as a novice as a celebrity and a source of fame. He often finds himself in situation he can’t control or in situation he wish not to be in.

Raised by his Aunt and Uncle in the Muggles world his understanding about the magic world plays a great role in understanding the unfamiliarity and lack of a home in the wizard (For example, how surprised he found himself in the Weasley family and home with open arms and warm feelings). He often finds himself questioning his belonging in hogwarts. In “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret” the reader explore harry’s inner battle and doubt but being in the magic house called “Slytherin” instead of his current house “Gryffindor. It examines the aspect of self finding as a person who is trying to find him/herself in a place that is surreal in his/her opinion.

Rowling illustrate an interesting vision of how society would be if we posses an indifferent attitude towards all gender and just establish our-self in the quality of character and choices that would eventually creates the social responsibility we as people want to partake in. Instead of surround oneself with what other establish for us, why not create our own understanding and live for self without belittle other for not following a suited example.

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