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Hamlet Last Scene Essay

As the final scene comes into play, we are introduced with Hamlet and Horatio in a hall in the castle. In the hall, Hamlet tells Horatio what had happened while he was away at sea. He tell him that for some time, he could not sleep due to his curiosity over Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s cabin. So, to satisfy his curiosity, he goes and checks the room out, where he was able to find a letter inside the cabin. It turns out that the letter was a letter for England’s ambassadors to help his country and have Hamlet killed.

However, Hamlet is much smarter than others may think of him, for he decides to reforge the letter, due to his skills of becoming a statesmen and document makings, and have the two killed instead of Hamlet, with the seal of Old King Hamlet as approval. Ironically enough, he had done his the day before the pirates came to his ‘rescue’ As Hamlet’s story comes to a close, Horatio comes out and says that he is sorry for all that had happened between him and his friends.

However, Hamlet just shrugs it off as his main focus is now to kill Claudius due to his multiple crimes: killing his father and stealing the crown, sleeping with his mother, and now, attempting to kill him away from home. However, if thiere is one thing he feels bad about would be of Laertes’ involvement in all this, and wishes to soon make it up to him. Just then, the stylized, lightminded courtier, Oscric, has entered in the room. While in the room, he asked Hamlet if he is still willing to fight Laertes based on the king’s bet.

The king’s beg consisted of six horses, six swords, and three carriages and his bet would be that Laertes wouldn’t get hit more than three times. Nevertheless, Hamlet still agrees to fight him, and like that, the fight was about to begin. Everyone came to spectate the wonderful between the two, as well the King and Queen. Then, Claudius took Laertes’s hand with Hamlet’s hand to come and make a friendly impression. Hamlet took this to his advantage and began to apologize to Laertes over everything what had happened to him.

But he also said that he, Hamlet, had done nothing to him, for his would never desire to hurt him, thus blaming it all on his insanity. Laertes hears all of this, and now feels a bit better after hearing that, but regardless, they were still going to fight, only this time, as more as a ply fighting instead. As the duel was about to begin, Hamlet declares that he is at a disadvantage, but Claudius does not care and still procedures. And as Osric comes up to give the men their swords, Laertes becomes disgusted as he says that the one he got was too heavy.

As a result, he is now given the choice to choose the rapier of his liking, in which he chooses the one that contains poison. As for Hamlet, all he cared about was the length of the rapier itself and nothing else. Once done with that, the king gives to the okay and says that he will drink to Hamlet’s hits. And just like that, the fighting begins. After some time, Hamlet scores the first points. As a reward, Claudius offers him some wine, in which he refuses to have some right now, and tells him to place the wine in another table, and then, continue on with fighting.

And just like that, Hamlet scores another point, and Gertrude comes to him to clean his off. However, she also spotted the untouched wine and decided to commence a toast to Hamlet and take a swig of the drink, and once again continues to fight. During the fighting, however, Laertes is having a battle with himself in what he should do to Hamlet due to the recent circumstances. In the end, as the match ended with a tie and Hamlet taking a quick breather, he decides to follow out the plan and stabs him.

However, becasuse of that, Hamlet quickly reacts by attacking Laertes, and striking him with his own poisoned sword, in which he does not much mind for it seemed fitting that he dies by his own sword’s treachery. While the skirmish continued , however, so did the poison’s effect in the queen, and as a result she falls to the ground dying. However, she did not die without knowing the truth, as she was able to understand what had happened to her, thus crying out that the drink was poisoned, and then dying.

Hamlet declares treachery, in which now Laertes comes to help his out, revealing about the poisonous sword and that everything was all due to Claudius, for it is his fault. At an instant, Hamlet grabs the poisoned sword and stabs Claudius, while also having his drink the poisonous wine, and eat the poisonous gem, all while the people screamed out treason. Now the king is dead, and soon will Laertes. But not before he asks for Hamlet’s forgiveness as he forgives him of any accusations he may have had against him.

He gets Hamlet’s blessing, and just like that, he dies. Now, the king, queen, and Laertes are dead, and soon will too. What he regrets is that he cannot be able to reveal the truth and talk about everything. That is until he remembers Horatio, w is now his duty to share Hamlet’s story with the world. And just when Hamlet was preventing Horatio’s death and telling him of his wish, there is a sound, ever so coming closer. It turns out it was the army of Fortinbras, as well as himself, returning from a battle with Poland!

With Hamlet’s final breathe, he tell Horatio to say that Fortinbras shall be the new king, as he seems to be the most qualified. And, once again, just like that, he, as well as the king, queen, and Laertes are now dead. After that, Fortinbras enters into the room, where he is able to see, in awe, the dead bodies within the room. By Fortinbras’s side were English ambassadors, where they were there to confirm that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern have been killed. Everyone is appropriately shocked, but Horatio then promises to explain the entire story.

Still, Fortinbras feels bad over what had happened while he was gone, and wish to become informed of the story, as their new king. And as for the bodies, he ordered his men to carry them off and prepare for a Christian burial, especially with Hamlet, thus coming to the end of the play. As the scene, nah the play, comes to an end, I can definitely say that this truly represents what I had expected in a Shakespeare’s play, at least for a tragedy. And to be completely honest, I kind of saw that coming, at least the everyone dying part.

I did not actually know how they were going to die at first, and for some characters, like Polonius and Ophelia, I am still pretty stunned about this. But overall, once I found out about the poison killing Hamlet’s father, I had a strange feeling that it may plan a big part within the play, and surprise, it did. But nevertheless, I believe that this play was an interesting and entertaining play. What’s strange is that I am not a fan of reading, or these types of genres for any sort of literature, and yet, I really liked it.

Personally, I believe it would be because of the characters and how their personas came to life, as well as how I can actually compare to each character in some way. By the way, the scene where Laertes attacked Hamlet while taking a break and not defended at all, I would have to say that what’s make me mad, since he basically got what he wanted in a dishonorable kind of way to killing someone. So yeah, I now hate him now, but I digress. In conclusion, I overall enjoyed the play and can see why Shakespeare is an important character for the creation of our modern English.

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