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Grover Cleveland: The Greatest President In American History Essay

“It is better to be defeated standing for high principle than to run by committing subterfuge,”1 is a quote by Grover Cleveland, which personifies his morals, and that he will never compromise them just for victory. Because of this and other reasons Grover Cleveland is the greatest president that America can boast when nerds get together to talk about great leaders in history. Unfortunately, except among Libertarians, Grover Cleveland is only known today for being the only president to serve two non- consecutive terms. He was born in New York to Puritan Parents.

He did later leave the church, but the values instilled in the ormer president by his parent never left him. Later he became the mayor of Buffalo, and then, due to his impressive character, governor of New York. After this achievement the Bourbon Democrat became president, the best president in American History, for three reasons, first off all, Grover Cleveland lived an honest life, second his policies helped America grow and become more free, and finally he represented a dying breed, the last of the Jeffersonian or Bourbon Democrats.

Grover Cleveland is the greatest president in American History. Grover Cleveland is one of the greatest presidents, because he represents the most honest president. This honesty is so apparent that biographers are still talking about it years after his death. For example Allan Nevins said about Grover Cleveland a century later, “His honesty was of the undeviating type which never compromised an inch. “2 Another biographer said that, “Some presidents never met a principle they wouldn’t abandon for electoral gain. Cleveland, principled to the bone, was of a different breed. 3

Today’s people still notice Grover Cleveland’s honesty due to his actions and policies. For example, Grover Cleveland refused to give pension to Civil War veterans. This might seem terrible, but as Alyn Brodsky wrote, “Union ilitary veterans had become a powerful special interest group. Expenditures on their pensions increased about 500% over 20 years. “1 When congress introduced a bill to give pensions to vets injured outside of combat. Cleveland, recognizing the dishonesty of the bill, shot it down. Even before that, Grover Cleveland worked hard to destroy corruption.

In 1882, he had taken office as the newly elected mayor of buffalo and promptly declared war on a ring of crooked city aldermen who were taking kickbacks on inflated public contracts. The honesty of Grover Cleveland is apparent from his policies. Grover Cleveland isplayed his character in his private life. Booker T. Washington remarked about the former president, “He seemed to be as careful to shake hands with some old colored ‘auntie’ clad partially in rags, and to take as much pleasure in doing so, as if he were greeting some millionaire. “4 Grover Cleveland always treated everyone with the utmost respect.

When it came out that he had had an affair with a widow and fathered a child, which he paid child support for, the DNC telegrammed him asking what to say. In response he said, “Whatever you say tell the truth. “1 The honesty and character of Grover Cleveland is pparent in his personal life. Grover Cleveland’s honesty is a major reason why he is the greatest president in American history. During his presidency, Grover Cleveland passed many good policies, and more importantly vetoed a large number of bills. The president displayed his aptitude for being a great president when he displayed his stewardship.

While he served our country, Grover Cleveland always took good care of America’s finances. For example, when a bill for $10,000 to buy farmers seed after a drought came upon his desk, Grover Cleveland vetoed the bill. When queried for his reason, the president said hat, “Though the people support the government, the government should not support the people. “1 He also declared that the farmers should rely on private charities. Not only had that, but the inflation during his presidency drifted between 0 and -4. 4 percent. 5 Because of this, the economy thrived during his presidency.

Grover Cleveland is a one of the best presidents because he did his best to prevent crises. His successor, Benjamin Harrison, caused a recession. Instead of doing what FDR did, “He restored sound currency and avoided the New Deal style programs that lengthened the Great Depression. 7 Instead the president passed bills to restore confidence in money. Because of his shrewd sense, Grover Cleveland managed to fix the mistakes of his predecessor. Grover Cleveland proved his worth as a great president by preventing crises, and keeping a strong economy.

Another way that Grover Cleveland demonstrated his brilliant policies is in his foreign policy. During his presidency, Grover Cleveland fought to lower tariffs. The president also refused to annex territories, that when McKinley tried to annex the territory, he caused the Spanish American War. He also kept a benign relationship with the Native Americans, treating them, like he treated everyone, equally. The policies of Grover Cleveland displays his aptitude as president. Grover Cleveland is a great president because he represented the last of his kind, the last Jeffersonian democrat.

According to Classroom Synonym, “Jeffersonian Democracy is a term used for the political ideals of Thomas Jefferson, the third U. S. president, and his followers from the 1790s until the presidency of Andrew Jackson in the 1830s. Jefferson advocated a political system that favored public education, free voting, free press, limited government and agrarian democracy and shied away from ristocratic rule. “6 Grover Cleveland fought gallantly for all these values, embodying the Jeffersonian and Jacksonian Democrats. First of all Grover Cleveland fought for freedom in America.

One way that Grover the Good did this was by vetoing bills left and right. In fact he vetoed more bills than any other president before him, as Investor daily put it, “He vetoed hundreds of spending bills, refusing to succumb to political temptation whether it was wrapped in patriotism or sob stores. “8 The same article also declared that, “He vetoed 414 bills during his eight years – 1885-89 and 1893-97 – in the White House, forcing Congress to curb its appetite for spending. “8 Grover Cleveland fought well for a small government and thus, the freedom of America.

Another way that Grover Cleveland upheld the values of the Jeffersonian or Bourbon Democrats was in his stance on the Manifest Destiny. He took a stance against most treaties with the nations of Europe. When the opportunity came to jointly hold Samoa came, he denounced the treaty declaring it to be entangling America’s fortunes with the fortunes of Europe. Grover Cleveland is also responsible for bringing the Monroe Doctrine back to the front of American politics. Grover Cleveland ought for peace in American. Because of this and the previous reasons, Grover Cleveland is the last Jeffersonian Democrat.

Grover Cleveland proved himself to be the greatest president in American history. After the presidency of Grover Cleveland the Jeffersonian Democrats fled to the right as the progressive took over the Democratic Party. After the election of Eisenhower, the few remaining Jeffersonian Democrats again rebranded, from the Alt-Right to the Libertarians. The current democrats, and in fact, others declare that Grover Cleveland was not as good a president as is previously stated. These eople declare that Grover Cleveland did not lead the country during a major war.

But, is it not better to keep the peace? They also declare that Grover Cleveland had a very boring and droll presidency. However, this is a good thing, as it displays that he managed to have a peaceful and not a tumultuous presidency. Despite these reasons, Grover Cleveland was the best president in American History for three reasons, first of all, Grover Cleveland is an extremely honest man, his policies benefited America and finally he was the last of the Jeffersonian Democrats. Grover Cleveland proved himself to be the best president in American History.

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