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Glass Pool Fencing Essay

Guide to Glass Pool Fencing You took extreme care when picking out your pool. It was a large investment and you are glad you did it. A pool is a great way to keep you and your family active. It can build great memories, but it can also be dangerous. Drownings happen every year and many times it’s because a child accidentally falls into a pool without a fence or gate that meet safety standards. It’s important to keep your family and others in your community safe so you must have a fence around your pool. In Australia this is done by registrations and inspections to make sure you are complying with the safety standards.

There are many options of fencing, but glass pool fencing is one of the safest and most attractive. Safety Standards – The fence must not have any gaps that are large enough for a toddler to squeeze through. – The fence must not have any climbing footholds. – The fence must be at least 1. 2m high and no more than 100mm ground clearance. – The material it’s made from and the welds must be strong enough to stand against a heavy knock. – The fence needs to be strong and rigid so a child isn’t able to force open a gap in the mesh or bars.

Options of Transparent Fencing Material Once you’ve decided on glass fencing, the first thing you need to do is decide whether you want a frameless or semi-framed fence. – Frameless Frameless is a really great option because then there will be nothing obstructing the view either into or out of the pool. There will be nothing in between the glass panels. This also means that the individual panels will probably be more expensive because they are thicker.

Because of the thickness, they are also strong and well-supported. The glass is usually about 12mm hick. A professional will be able to advise you on the correct thickness because code and engineering requirements vary depending on the design you choose. By choosing a frameless glass fence, you are choosing the most elegant fence possible. It showcases the pool and its entire surroundings. It has a calming effect. They are installed in one of the following ways: 1. Spigot fixed This means the panels have stainless steel spigots that are bolted to the surface. 2. Slot Fixed The slots are made in the ground before having panes fixed into it.

This makes it look like the glass is emerging from under the ground, which produces a great effect. 3. Button Fixed In this installation, the panels go below the ground. This is done with attached bolts on the glass at specific locations which helps maintain strength and balance. – Semi-Frameless When a glass fence is semi-frameless, it means that there is either wood or metal railing in between the panels of glass. This is less expensive since the glass has support and doesn’t need to be as thick. It is usually about 8-10mm This does obstruct the view slightly so it really is all a matter of preference. Plexiglass Another option for your glass fencing project to be less expensive is to consider plexiglass. While plexiglass is less expensive, it does not stand up against the elements as well as actual glass does. It is more vulnerable to salt and UV rays. Because of this, it can become cloudy instead of transparent, which would completely defeat the purpose of installing a glass pool fence in the first place. It can also scratch more easily than glass while cleaning it, which would disturb your view further and then it just doesn’t look as nice.

Installation – Company installed You can have a company, such as Ultimate Frameless Glass, do the installation for you. They have consultants in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula areas that will come to your house for free to discuss your interest in glass pool fencing. It’s a good idea to seek professional advice on your specifics and designs. They will then provide a quote and a project plan before moving forward. – Do it yourself Ultimate Frameless Glass can also manufacture all the components you need and then deliver them to you for your to install yourself.

As with any do it yourself project, you want to make sure you know what you’re doing before proceeding. You need to plan out how much of the pool area you want to fence and make sure to take accurate measurements so you know how much you’re going to need in terms of materials. Plan out where you want the entrance. After you have an idea of the dimensions, consult with one of our experts at Ultimate Frameless Glass for advice on your specific needs, such as glass thickness, type of glass, materials and any warranties that might be available. Next, you will order the kit and follow the installation instructions carefully.

If you have questions as you read through the instructions, contact the professionals at Ultimate Frameless Glass to clarify any questions you may have before you begin. Benefits of Glass Fencing – Safety One of the greatest benefits of glass fencing is that it improves safety. This is the best material to have because you will be able to see both into and out of the pool. When you’re relaxing by the pool, you’ll still be able to see your children in other parts of the yard. This allows you to enjoy the pool and still keep an eye on the outside.

Being able to see into the pool when you’re not inside the fence is also of great use and improves safety. If your children go into the pool without you, you’ll know right away. If they are old enough to be there alone, you can give them their independence while also keeping an eye on them and making sure they’re safe. Because there are no gaps, children will not be able to squeeze through the fence either in or out. – Attractive Simply put, glass fencing looks nice. It creates a beautiful space that you can showcase to others, while not putting anyone’s safety at risk.

It highlights the beauty of your pool and your yard. It is much more attractive than any other fence materials. – Easy to clean Glass fencing can be cleaned easily with soap and water. It must be cleaned regularly and you need to take care that you don’t scratch it. It does require less maintenance than other fences. You won’t have to worry about repainting or re-staining it. – Tough Glass pool fencing is durable. Unlike wooden fences, it won’t succumb to water damage. It is strong and can withstand harsh weather. It will last much longer than other kinds of materials.

Wind barrier Maybe it’s one of those days where you’re not sure if you can sit by the pool or not without being cold. You’ll be able to sit outside more often because the glass fencing will act as a wind barrier. You don’t need to worry about it being too windy to go sit by the pool. – Resistant to chemicals Glass is also resistant to the pool chemicals so it won’t be damaged, unlike other fencing materials. – Improve property value A glass pool fence can greatly improve your property value. It is a great selling point for potential buyers and will make your home even more attractive. – It’s an open canvas.

Your kids can paint murals with washable markers or washable paint on the fence. This would be a great activity to keep them busy that you can easily clean later. Potential Issues with Glass Fencing – Maintenance You need to clean both sides, which will make your job longer. You may want to take this into consideration when designing the fencing so you can access both sides of it. If you can’t, you may need to hire professionals to clean it for you. It can also scratch so make sure not to use an abrasive cleaners or cloths when cleaning it. When comparing glass maintenance to other materials though, it can be much less.

You don’t need to worry about repainting or re-staining it on a schedule like you do with wood. – Just like windows, animals may not recognize that it’s solid. You may have birds or insects fly into the glass as they do with windows because they can’t tell it is a solid surface. This shouldn’t happen often, especially if you make sure not to have things that attract them near it, such as feeders or bird baths. – People lean on it. For some reason, people like to lean on it, which can cause structural damage. Just remind your guests and kids not to do this and it’ll be fine. – It’s more expensive than other fencing materials to buy and repair.

It’s true that glass is more expensive than the other fencing materials, but keep in mind what you’re getting. You get what you pay for and you’re buying glass fencing for the safety and look so it’s more expensive. The panels are larger so you’ll have to repair a larger area should it get damaged. How to Choose the Best Glass Pool Fence – Make sure you research the company you plan to use When you buy goods or services you want to make sure you’re choosing the right company for what you want to do. Research the designs and offerings for companies that install glass pool fencing in your area.

This will help you see what options are available and be able to compare prices to make sure you’re getting fair service for your money. – Get in touch with the company Once you’ve chosen the company you want to work with, get in touch with them and go over options. They will be of great help and be able to advise you on the best options for your budget. – Decide on fencing height A great thing about glass fencing is that it can be customized to any height that you would like. Make sure that you’re within the standards and then it’s really up to you.

The higher fence will be more secure. Make sure the glass is of the best quality When investing in a glass pool fence, you want to make sure you’re getting high quality glass. Make sure the transparency is what you want as well. – Select a suitable design There are many designs you can choose from and range from classic styles to modern ones. You want to make sure that the design you pick is going to fit in with both your house and your pool. – Choose do it yourself closing and self-locking mechanisms In order to make this area the safest it can be, make sure to have built in self closing door and locking systems.

This will prevent children from being able to enter the pool without supervision. – Supervise the installation if you’re having someone else do it. Don’t have the company come and do the installation while you’re not home. You want to be in attendance to make sure that it is done to your satisfaction. You don’t want to have to come back to them later in the event that something wasn’t done correctly or that they missed something that you wanted. Make sure to keep your family and those in your community safe by choosing the right pool fence for your home.

By choosing a glass pool fence, you will no doubt cherish and enjoy your pool for years to come, not only by its great look, but by having safety in the forefront of your mind. Nothing can replace the durability and safety of a glass pool fence. Ultimate Frameless Glass is a great company out of Melbourne that can guide you in your glass pool fencing needs. They offer both frameless and semi-framed glass pool fencing options. They also offer either installations or just the materials so you can install the fencing yourself if you so desire.

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