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Genetic Engineering Persuasive Speech

It is 2080. Imagine that a young couple just found out that they are going to be expecting a baby; their first child together. The news is very thrilling, as the thought of creating a new life can send chills down anyone’s spine. Now, it’s four months later, and the couple is sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting for an ultrasound. They are slightly anxious, as they want to know if they can genetically engineer their baby to what they want. While they are in the doctor’s office, the doctor informs them that he has the technology to design the baby to what the couple prefers.

After they find out the gender, they tell the doctor the qualities they want their new baby to have. While the doctor takes note of these requests, he warns them that certain qualities can have more than one effect, and that these changes will require a hefty expense. The couple goes ahead and tells the doctor to go ahead anyway, that they want this regardless of the cost and what procedures they would have to go through. This was a scenario derived from a topic that humans have studied for decades, genetic engineering. What is genetic engineering?

Genetic engineering is a way to directly manipulate one’s DNA in order to alter and organism’s characteristics in a specific way. It is an eight step process that requires very specific medical processes. It can be done in foods, animals, and now humans. However, is this process really ethical? Should people really genetically engineer their food or their baby just to their preference? What people fail to realize is genetic engineering is a process that is spiraling out of control. Many people are devoting countless amounts of hours only to see how the process works.

On the other hand, the amount of research that has been done have unraveled some harsh truths about genetic engineering, as a part of biomedical advances. Biomedical advances, specifically genetic engineering, is spiraling out of control, because it reveals an ugly truth that the human eye refuses to see. It causes health issues, moral issues, and it is very expensive. Biomedical advances, specifically genetic engineering, is spiraling out of control, because it reveals health problems that could be very hazardous if left unnoticed.

Genetic engineering refers to the direct manipulation of DNA to alter an organism’s characteristics (phenotype) in a particular way” (Simmons Article Page 1). This leads people to believe that genetic engineering can change a living organism, which to some may seem like a positive thing, when in reality it can cause permanent long-term damage. Another hazard that comes attached to genetic engineering is that it can lead to genetic defects, which in turn, can limit genetic diversity. This can impose a health problem, because it can almost reverse the positive effect that genetic engineering is supposed to have.

Even though genetic engineering can cause horrible health problems, some will say that there are not any health problems, and that this can help benefit the human race. They would also say that these health problems are not major, ignoring the topic all together, and that genetic engineering is the right step to improving the health of the world’s people, by giving young couples the baby of their dreams, or the (genetically engineered) healthy food that can will help start of someone’s diet.

While these facts may be true and it may reveal that the future can promise a life full of positive things, people have to keep in mind that when it comes to something positive, there is always a negative. Another fact that was discovered about genetic engineering is that the traits that people would select (specifically for genetically engineering babies), could possibly have more than one trait. “Genes influence health and disease, as well as human traits and behavior” (Simmons Paragraph 1). This imposes a health problem because it shows how if a gene were to become manipulated, it could cause serious health problems for the child.

Overall, genetic engineering is very negative in the sense that it can raise the amount of health problems not only in the United States, but also in the world. Another negative of genetic engineering, and why it is spiraling out of control, is that it is not very ethical, and its morals help raise many problems within today’s society (as a whole). Biomedical advances, specifically genetic engineering, is spiraling out of control, because it raises many moral problems in modern society. Many people around the world are devoted to their religion, and they express it by following the rules of their god or gods in public, and in private.

There are also certain things that they think of as taboo, or something they forbid to touch or associate themselves with. Genetic engineering is something that people find to be raising many (moral) red flags. It also creates many questions, like is it really right to do something that extreme just to have what one truly wants. “Many religions believe that genetic engineering, after all, is tantamount to playing God, and expressly forbid that it is performed on their children, for instance. Besides the religious arguments, however, there are a number of ethical objections.

These diseases, after all, exist for a reason and have persisted throughout history for a reason. Whilst we should be fighting against them, we do need at least a few illnesses, otherwise we would soon become overpopulated” (“Pros and Cons” of Genetic Engineering by Conserve Energy Future). This quote is a great example about how and why these moral issues can greatly impact today’s society. However, there are some people that will say that there are people that worship their god(s) and they still believe that genetic engineering is still ethical for people to practice.

That genetic engineering has nothing to do with religion at all and that it is silly for people to go ahead and believe that genetic engineering can cause these issues to come about. People have the right to be entitled to their own opinion. However, if someone believes that genetic engineering conflicts with their moral beliefs, then it is their right to believe that. Genetic engineering overall is a large moral issue, and it causes a very negative damper on society. Not only is it negative for many people of many religions, it is a very costly expense.

Biomedical advances, specifically genetic engineering, is spiraling out of control, because it comes with a very heavy price tag. Picture this; a young couple just got married and they are trying to save their money. They just found out that they are expecting their first baby, a little baby girl. They want her to look just like her mom, having blonde hair and blue eyes. What they get hit with the news that the process is very expensive, they are in complete shock. “Finally, in terms of society, it is not feasible for everyone to have access to this type of expensive technology.

Thus, perhaps only the most privileged members of society will be able to have “designer children” that possess greater intelligence or physical attractiveness. This may create a genetic aristocracy and lead to new forms of inequality” (Simmons Article Page 1). No one wants a new social pyramid to come about. They want everyone to have the same opportunities for everything. One problem that has been researched about genetic engineering is that it is very expensive, and this is a problem because not many people around the world have money that they can just spend.

If rich people can get the services that they want, it can cause many people to become discouraged and feel worthless. Yes, there are people that would say that genetic engineering is something that everyone needs to have. There are people, who believe that money is no object, and, they will spend whatever it takes to achieve what they want, and for some, that is a genetically engineered piece of food, or a genetically engineered piece of food. While some can think that way, others simply cannot afford the expenses. This is why genetic engineering is a negative thing.

It can cause many people to go into debt, and it also is very hard to achieve, as many doctors who are genetic engineers, usually put a very large amount of money attached to each type of process that they can perform. Biomedical advances, specifically genetic engineering, is spiraling out of control, because it reveals an ugly truth that the human eye refuses to see. It causes health issues, moral issues, and it is very expensive. Why is a process that seems so innocent, and so beneficial, comes with a million different negative side affects?

Yes, people will constantly run into people who believe that genetic engineering limits individual liberties, and that this can cause the term “unique” to become faint in society. Yes, this could be a possibility, but genetic engineering is simply a huge negative that society needs to remove. It causes too much stress and drama, from health problems, to expenses. This also includes everything in between. One thing that people need to keep in mind, if they decide to go for this, if it is what they truly want.

Remember that it could cause many health problems, and is that something that one would want? Another discovery imposes this question. If genetic engineering, with food, babies, and many other things, causes health problems, this can directly relate to the amount of money that would be coming out of people’s pockets. Genetic engineering is not something people need. There are many problems in today’s society that deserve way more attention that genetic engineering. It is a process that is spiraling out of control, and that needs to be fixed.

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